Thanks state of NY for making me feel like a criminal

Well I guess I did it to myself but it is of course due to goofy laws in NY. I just drove to Corning then Lake George for a few days and only after I arrived in Lake George did I realize my IWB Glock 19 was still fully loaded. I had completely forgotten about the 7 rounds in a magazine law and I can legally carry in all 50 states due to LEOSA. But from my understanding NY makes no exemption for this. I’m sure someone from NY will have better info on your state laws. But I did download to 7 rds in the mag with 1 still in the chamber and went out. At the end of the day I say screw it and threw all the rds back in the mag. This was a chance I was going to take. But thank you NY for making me feel like a criminal. When I attended a retiree cookout with a bunch of retired friends from my agency a few years ago we discussed this 7-rds law and we all agreed that there is no chance in hell anyone of us would have done anything but look the other way and advising the person download to 7 just to be safe. (If this was a VA law) Anyone in NY hearing of this being enforced around your state?


I was always a proud to be New Yorker, born and raised. Served in law enforcement for 20 years. Now with all this nonsense going on I’m glad I relocated to VA. I go back to visit family and that’s about it. I would never live there again. I even lived in NJ for 2 years and will never go back. Sorry they made you feel like that brother @EODK9Trainer, it’s a damn shame.


Hey Johnny,

VA since 73. Shenandoah Valley. I love much of NY with the Finger Lake regions and I love the Lake George area. I’ve been into the big city numerous times for work and fun and no more. Great state being ruined by the masses in the city.

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