Texas leading with responsible, relaxed gun laws

The Great State of Texas, lead by our great Governor Abbott, has recently passed a long list of laws making it legal to carry concealed in many places which were previously illegal to carry. This, among many other benefits, reduces the number of gun-free zones, eliminating places like churches as easy targets for the would-be mass shooter. Another reasonable new law, removes the potential for a firearm violation when a CCW carrier unknowingly enters an establishment where the No Firearms sign(s) are posted, as long as they promptly leave when asked to do so. Texas leads in responsible, conservative gun ownership. Every State should take a look at what Texas is doing and pass the same legislation. God Bless Texas and Gov Abbott!


It always seems odd to me that Texas wouldn’t be on the leading edge of gun rights… maybe that’s just my outsider’s stereotype of what it means to be a Texan :wink:
Glad you’re joining the Great State of Missouri on getting it right… maybe you’ll be joining the ranks of constitutional carry soon… keep after it!

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