Permitless bill

Texas senate initially approves permitless carry bill. The bill would allow eligible Texans to carry handguns openly in a holster or concealed without a license. God help us all.


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That is a law that lets law abiding citizens do what criminals already do!


Constitutional carry already exists in 20 states and I’m willing to bet most people would not be able to tell you which states they are even if they could look at all of the crime statistics.


Although the language in the proposed amendments may differ, I read Responsibly Armed Citizen. Sounds like a commercial from Tim. God takes care of those who take care of themselves. Despite what you might see as a liability from some, this proposed law supports the tenants of the Second Amendment and affords responsible citizens a protection that may heretofore subject them to criminal prosecution. The membership of GOA Texas really turned out to support this legislation. Say safe. And so it goes…