Texas house passes strongest pro-2nd amendment bill in state history



Amen to that. I was hoping for Constitutional Carry though. But this great news.


God bless the great state of Texas.


Now all we need is for them to vote on it. They keep talking about it but haven’t done anything. If you live in Texas Email them. Sick of seeing headlines.

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I live in Arizona. And this week Arizona Governor Ducey just signed a bill that says that NO Arizona agency would be allowed to help any Federal agency go to confiscate guns or enforce any UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN LAWS THAT GO AGAINST ARIZONA’S STATE CONSTITUTION’S GUN LAWS.


I am wondering what will happen to Texans’ rights to carry in other states under the reciprocity laws of those other states if Texas goes to constitutional carry and therefore has no licensing law for those other states to honor. If Texas passes constitutional carry, then that will mean that Texas considers the right to carry to be a God-given or natural right that the U.S. Constitution says may not be infringed, that any law requiring licensing is therefore unconstitutional, and that current Texas licensing law is abolished. What, if anything, do the respective reciprocity laws of those other individual states say about the rights to carry in their state of persons from states that have deemed the right to carry to be a right protected by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and that does not require licensing? We need to bring this to the attention of the sponsors of this bill and ask them to make sure that the law covers us for carrying in reciprocating states.

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In addition to my comments above, we also need to address the push by some to require training under the new statute.

I’m all for gun owners to be responsible and get training. I’m also for anyone who becomes a Christian, participates in speech, becomes a journalist, assembles with others and petitions their government to study their Bible, learn how to speak properly, learn how to write well, assemble without screaming obscenities, and make sure they speak respectfully to their leaders. But requiring those things by law is an infringement.

And I have this for those who would argue in reply something like, “You have to have training to exercise your right to drive a vehicle.” My response is, “No, you don’t.”

You have the “right” and can drive a vehicle all you want without any training or license whatsoever anywhere you want, except on public streets, roads, highways, and on other property owned or leased, etc., by others who exercised their right to prohibit you from doing so. You have no “right” to drive on those places without the permission or “license” of the owners or lessees, etc., of that property. That permission or “license” they give to you is a “privilege.” It is not a “right.” There is a big difference between a “right” and a “privilege.” A “right” is something that you automatically have just for being human. A “privilege” is something that someone else gives to you. And people are wrong when they refer to our Constitutional “rights” as “privileges.”


None of the states that changed from having a permit/licensing requirement changed that when they went to Constitutional Carry. The reason for that is so that people can get the piece of paper that “allows” them to carry in states that have reciprocal agreements.


Dave17, yes, you are exactly correct. I learned that very thing just today. A Texas license is needed to carry in reciprocating states that require licensing. A Texas license is not needed, but is still a good thing to have, in reciprocating states that have constitutional carry. Without a Texas license in constitutional carry states, just show them your driver’s license or other gov. ID that shows you reside in a constitutional carry state.

I was also told today that when the bill was being debated in the Texas House there was an effort to add one or more training requirements. Those efforts were defeated as being “infringements” on the constitutional right, which of course the U.S. constitution expressly states that such rights my not be infringed.


Slowly crawling closer to constitutional carry?

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