Texas Freezing Stories

What are your FREEZE stories?

We’re stuck here on the ranch and trying to get a feel for what’s going on out there. Plus it would be great reading some of the stories you all have gone/going through.

2 days ago we moved all our sheep into the barn/workshop. We had to set up segregation stalls with portable fence to keep the ram away from his sisters. It’s pretty cramped but their ears would frostbite. We moved all the ducks into our garage, cramped and smelly, BAD!!!

We’ve had daytime highs in the low teens and nights 0-5. I know you folks up north who are used to this and it doesn’t sound like a big deal but we are experiencing temperatures 50-60 degrees below our normal temps. To put this into perspective, back in Ohio our normal low was about 25 this time of year, with this said it would put the low down to about -25 or -35. We didn’t even have it that cold back in 78 during the blizzard, yuck.

We lost our waterline between the house and well house. We had to adjust the red light in the well house to heat the regulator, now at least we have water out the spigot on the side of the well house to fill 5 gallon buckets to use inside. At least 4000 feet of irrigation pipe is ruined/will bust upon thaw. The big river on the ranch is completely frozen over, we’ve NEVER seen that happen before, EVER.

We are one of the lucky ones as we have power vs. 1 out of 2 people do NOT have power. It went out 2 days ago for our daughter/husband and they said it won’t be back on until AFTER tomorrow. They are suburban and we are rural, go figure.

At work there has been no power, (the alarm tells us when power is out, otherwise we’d never know) there is no insulation in the floor and that building is on pier and beam. Why have floor insulation when the low rarely gets into the 30’s? I’m sure we’ve lost every pipe there as well as the water softener. We’ll have to replace 10 acres of irrigation line as well. Like here at the ranch, irrigation lines at most are an inch or so underground and there is always surface exposure here and there.

Only a handful of the major grocery stores will remain open again today, from 12-5pm. But shelves are empty.

Cell towers are down in many spots as they have no power and once they ran out of propane for backup gens, they stopped working.


Take care and try to keep warm and dry. Most of our friends from SA to Lubbock to Tyler and vicinity are okay. Most have power most of the time. Most are rural folks. But I saw the Travis County Judge sitting in his car doing a Facetime interview with the motor running yesterday. He said he left the EOC at 0100 hrs and at 0200 hrs his power went out at home. It was 1000 when he was doing the interview. He had no clue what was going to happen, when power might be restores, etc. So he told the reporter he wasn’t going back to work until his family was safe and warm, because he couldn’t do anything about it anyway.


I get it, it’s a big deal. It’s not supposed to freeze in Houston. It wouldn’t be a big deal up here, but we’re not laughing at you. This is the rough equivalent of when we get freak heat waves in excess of 100° and people start dying because we don’t have air conditioning.


You know what I realized, it was a HUGE effort fumbling under my coat, sweatshirt, long johns, t-shirt, to just grab my Streamlight to look at the well pump in the well house.

There is no way I could present from holster, not to say quickly.
I timed it on a thousand count so to speak. it varied between 3 and 5 seconds each time.

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We just hoping those rolling gray outs don’t pass over us. Are we supposed to slaughter an unblemished lamb, smear it’s blood on our doorways and it it with bitter herbs?


Bitter herbs? Couldn’t hurt, might help. Mazel tov.


The good news is you can drop a 44 mag revolver in each coat pocket and nobody will be the wiser.


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Maybe not until the 25th!

My 88 year old Mom, Sister and two nieces and their familys (and pets) are hunkered down. Mom had power so everyone at her place for now.


@John512 Godspeed to your loved ones.

6.5 inches yesterday

13 inches total

Polar plunge invite. There’s a pond out there too


That looks like Wisconsin.
Except I don’t know anyone up here that owns a pool.

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Got to love global warming.

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It will be nice being back to the 60’s and 70’s starting today.
60ish degrees below our normal the other day.

We had no damage at work, 19 hose bibs, and none here on the ranch all thanks to prepping and these little gems. FreezeMisers! Made and invented in Texas.

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Nice! Glad to hear it.

It was cold. Pipe almost froze but I saved it with a blow dryer.

We were fortunate, because that’s been it so far. Will keep an eye on that electric bill though!


I heard about the casualties Forth Worth took on the icy roads about a week ago. Sorry to hear that.

When my Mother was six months pregnant with me, our region had three feet of snow. Nothing like the one foot posted below, which we had last week where I live:

Feb. 2021:

Feb. 1967 (not my family, but some neighbors trying to shovel snow):