Texas 30.06 vs 30.07 and college campuses

I’m in Texas, and there are 2 types of signs that prohibit weapons from being carried on a property that references the penal code. 30.06 does not allow concealed carry, and 30.07 does not allow open carry. If there is a 30.06 sign, does that mean I can still carry, as long as it’s open? What is the practicality of something like this, getting odd looks or hassled by local security, who does not understand the laws?

My specific situation is…
I’m planning a college tour with my soon-to-be freshman daughter. The campus, Texas A&M, Corpus Christi, has 30.06 signs posted at most entrances. Can I open carry in this situation? Additionally, if it’s cold, I may wear a light windbreaker over an OWB holster. Would that be open or concealed?

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Here is what our Reciprocity Map has about carrying under the different signs:

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(You can find that and more information here: Texas Gun Laws & LTC | USCCA CCW Reciprocity Map(Last Updated 11/24/2020)

A quick google search brings up this information from Texas A&M:
Campus Carry - Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.

I would suggest reviewing the college information and contacting them with any questions as it relates to their campus.

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I Found this information.

In summary, an LTC holder can carry concealed all campus property. Open is prohibited There are specific exceptions, some resident halls, some lab areas, and sporting events. Since I’ll be taking a tour I will be in resident halls and possibly the restricted Labs. Depending on the itinerary of the tour I may just leave it locked in the car or at home.

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I’ve had this question by students in the past, good eye to catch the glitch, so to speak.

The 30.06 code predates the 30.07 code. So, when 30.06 was passed into law there was no OC at the time, so this code did not address it. So, no you can not Carry Open or Concealed under penalty of law if a 30.06 sign is properly displayed at ALL public entrances. This includes Sea World, where they don’t have signs readily visible at ALL entrances, but it falls under Amusement Parks.

The college campus question.
That is correct, anywhere on the grounds, sidewalks, common outdoor areas are ok.
Most buildings are no carry areas.

Just a follow-up note, Texas A&M is one of the more firearm friendly colleges, there are many more like minded students and staff there than let say… UT.

Enjoy your tour!