Terrorist Shot & Killed By Armed Citizens, If Your Time Comes Do the Same

It basically comes down to the Topic Header…ARE YOU READY?
‘If your time comes Do the Same!’ as these young Israeli’s did.
We Gunner’s are @ a Crossroads
We don’t want to be in the CROSSHAIR’S!
Head on a swivel
Situational Awareness engaged.

Be Safe my Brother’s and Sister’s.
Stay Frosty

Where We Go 1 We Go All
No step on Snek


“ This particular planned, murderous attack was carried out by three (since positively identified) Islamic terrorists, who converged at the scene in two vehicles. Terrorists were armed with at least one American M4 (likely a copy left behind, along with untold additional brand-new American military equipment, when resident Joe R Biden haphazardly pulled American troops out of Afghanistan in August of 2021 )”


He’s the gift that keeps on giving…


Just think, we are feeding, clothing, and sheltering these same murderous animals in our own backyard! The Armed Israeli Citizens are proof that we need to stay armed and trained!! When is our government going to wake up and realize they have phucked up!!! I see the weapons came from our government, not from our law abiding gun owners!!! I Pray for Pease in Israeli!


Just THINK Ladies and Gentlemen where you go today…
That’s what this article gave me, what’s is the route you’ll take?
Is there Traffic (Congestion?), What Neighborhoods will you have
to go through to get there?. I almost NEVER go into Albuquerque
itself anymore. That’s just stupid (for me). Now I will go North
and stay on the Westside. That City is dying. We are not a densely
populated State. I make sure the Tank is topped off before a trip all
Vehicles are properly maintained, no need to stop for drinks/over priced
Truck stop foods. The Truck stops are seriously dangerous now crawling
w/ Hookers, Homeless and Banditos. NO THANKS.
I just bought one of those Handgun dash holsters w/ a spare mag holder (JIC)
Easy access. I now think of Danger Close possibility’s shopping local
Not fretting, just Cautious 24/7—Yellow to Orange now.
What this administration is doing is creating a rift between US and THEM!
They’ve set this up where the Crim’s have more Targets of opportunity to strike
and THAT is unacceptable. And I40 and I25 (they intersect in ABQ.) is now getting
to be a hazard…it use to be a cool little area. But we are Border Close now and nowhere is safe.
So Sad.


I am wondering if these armed citizens will be arrested, then have to defend themselves to prove they did the right thing. And then, face the families of those evil-doers in a civil lawsuit. And, pay umpteen thousands to hungry lawyers, waiting to pounce from both sides of the aisle. Here, that is what you can expect to happen. My bet is: no, not one of these Israeli citizens will be touched. Matter of fact, they will most likely be hailed as heroes, from both sides of the Israeli political spectrum. Both sides. Not one side. Both sides.

  1. Traffic jams, especially predictable ones, are easy, lucrative targets for terrorists, as we see! Not all traffic jams are avoidable, but most are.

I actively scan my side and rear view mirrors and look at blind spots when stopped.
I pray I’m ready when required to act,
and act decisively.


“…guns save people…” what a phuckin concept. I should get that on a t-shirt, oh, wait there’s millions of them!
How long have we believed in such an atrocious idea?


I feel really bad for the OTR, interstate truck drivers these days. If anyone really needs a nationwide reciprocity agreement it’s these guys.


Brought to mind while my HH6 and I were out shopping one in the past. Watching folks with their heads down stuck in their phones. Guess they are going to be taking the heat while we will be selecting our escape path. :us: