Terrorism on American soil


Funneling of people - the oblivious ones are easy prey


(At the end of the article) “These are the sad considerations we now face in our nation as a direct result of inept, or, likely, intentional, neglect of our national security and border. We now reap the consequences. Stay armed and alert”.
(Great advice!)
Excellent article Brother Leo. As they say Sad but TRUE. The simple facts are this:
We have Millions of foreign agents inside our lines right now.
We have a gooberment who is out to disarm it’s own people (Venezuela, Australia anybody?)
We have a caustic situation inside the gooberment where nothing really gets accomplished except infighting and dissention. (Please look @ the recent Hamas/Israel War where Israel guvment was asleep at the wheel backstabbing each other and completely missed ANY warning signs of attack.) Sound familiar? And it’s people were MURDERED, UNARMED , TERRORIZED, RAPED and UNAWARE of any threat!
We have a Muslim contingent (including the phuckhead Obama) INSIDE our wheel house that is infecting our population, Colleges and Yoots! w/ Anti-American propaganda. There is now daily VIOLENCE, Anti-American Protests and disasters occurring now coast to coast.
The SOUL of America is being eroded from within.
The FEAR is being ramped up in every area of life to PARALIZE it’s Citizenry from the Food supply ,Job Loss, Threats of harm in every area of day to day life so much so that the average American may just shut down because they are overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. You can CONTROL your entire population without firing a single shot. Bread lines, Shelter in Place may seem preferable to starving to death or getting killed walking out your door.
This isn’t the conjuring’s of a Conspiracy Theorist, these are cold hard FACTS that when put together
become the earmarks of a planned Socialist/Marxist regime takeover of a once free society. The easiest way to defeat the Resistance is to exhaust the populas where Critical Thinking and Common Sense are thrown out when the survival instinct kicks in and you will do almost anything to stay warm (WINTER’S COMING!) and feed your family. ‘Oh it’s not so bad, He’s doing a great Job’…REALLY?
And now THIS! The THREAT of Mass Terrorism Attacks! This isn’t ‘The CRAZY Lone AMERICAN gunman’ anymore…that’s old news, NEW NEWS is the Foreign agent(s) attack that can happen anywhere! Multiple attackers, Long rifle(s), Explosives! FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR! It make me wonder what exactly the final outcome for us all will be? Will we have to go to the Grocery /Big Box stores in groups, Armed Patrols just to buy the necessities?. I didn’t fight for (20+) years to come home and be scared to go outside and wash my car, rake my leaves or hang Christmas decorations.
The FACT that all this $hit is being perpetuated by our own Phucking Government is CRIMINAL and EVIL!
Even the most Snowflake of Snowflakes can’t deny that this INFILTRATION was PLANNED and Orchestrated by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT w/ the People at the Top’s Blessing!
Did I say too much? or did I Bong the Gong for some of you?

Where We Go One We Go All!

I am Prepared to Die on my FEET rather than live on my knees. That isn’t just talk. that’s a Phuckin’ FACT!



I say: " Who’s There?"

(Pregnant pause)…

(sometimes I wish it was)
Stay Alert People
Activate those big brains of yours.
As Billy Joel said in the Last Concert @ Shea Stadium Queens , New York

“Don’t take any $hit from Anybody!”


The bias of articles like this one is that they are “selling” some sort of concealed carry, firearms “product.” The message being “If you carry a firearm, you can help prevent a terrorist attack.”

The reality is that terrorist attacks may not things that can be thwarted by armed civilians. Consider that the 9/11 attacks were done by mostly Saudis (our BFFs) armed with boxcutters on aircraft where everyone has been disarmed. Big disruptions to one’s life can be the result of foreign hackers and phone scammers from Korea or Eastern Europe or the Persian Gulf countries. Firearms don’t stop or deter those “terrorists.”