Be Afraid, But More Importantly Be Armed: Citizens Will Be Best First-Line

I think we have been talking about THIS for the past year or so and now it is evident it WILL happen.
If the influx of ILLEGAL ALIENS, Middle Eastern military age males and the release of Criminals from Jails all over the World wasn’t enough now Ladies and gentlemen I bring you HAITI!.
If this supposed ‘Flotilla’ ever happens and we still have Pudding in charge Florida is doomed. As well as the rest of the United States. If the future predictions are true from what we’ve seen with our own eyes it could make Israel and Gaza look like picnic’s on our own streets and in our own neighborhoods.
Granted that a lot of ‘IF’s’ but with the LEFTS decision making for the last bunch of years and their apparent lack of compassion for their own citizens why would they reverse course now and Give a sh**?
They won’t and don’t care.
They need to be gone.
But until then this appears to be an effort that will fall into the hands of the CITIZENRY.

Good Luck
Aim true
Stay Frosty



I’ve dealt with terrorists… here’s the Terrorist remedy… afraid…nope.Ready is a much better word.




FWIW the picture shown with that article is from 9 years ago and occurred at a business where probably people working there wouldn’t have access to their rifles they keep at home (ignoring that it was another country where those aren’t allowed, picture same situation but over here)

Points to ponder when considering what all day every day including at work pistol you will carry


few seemed to notice and even fewer seemed to care

Well, it was Wray so…


When I leave home for work, I ask myself if I didn’t carry, are there any guarantees that I would be home by the end of the day?


I’ve got a gun safe in the Grand Cherokee.I take an AR-15 and a twelve gauge pump everywhere I go. I carry a 10 mm 1911.If I only had a few frags and some flashbangs…


Probably, if something like that went down, the pistol on you is what you would have to work with.