Taurus G2S with TRL-6 Streamlight

Has anyone found a good IWB holster that works well with this gun/light combo?
Is there a particular holster that can be cross-referenced from say a Glock that can used for this combination?
I have a Taurus G2S firearm with a TLR-6 light (yes it fits, used the Glock railed model).
I am having a difficult time finding a quality IWB as an appendix carry holster for this combination!
I have a ComfortTac deep conceal belly band that works well while exercising (take out the stitching to accommodate the light), but I would like something like a Desantis Sof-Tuck, Concealment Express Tuckable IWB, Tulster Profile IWB, Crossbreed ? for the other 85% of time I carry.

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I can’t think of the company name at the moment but, you can get a kit where you can form your own kydex holster in your oven. I had to do this when I added a laser to a Ruger Security 9. It works well.

I tried the DeSantis 106NAU4Z0. said it worked with Glock 26 and Viridian light. Both firearms are very close to the same physical dimensions. It was close, but did NOT work.
This felt like a well made, economical holster and could be worn in multiple positions.

My EDC is also a G2c but I carry OWB - Fobus. If I remember correctly I believe Alien Gear has several different platforms to choose from as well as Safariland. You may also try Urbancarry.