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Although no longer the primary firearm found in either law enforcement or civilian holsters, the revolver is far from dead. Revolvers still possess many qualities to recommend them, including safety and simplicity. The Taurus 942 has those basic qualities with the added advantage of being chambered in the almost zero recoil .22 LR cartridge.  And it has an eight-shot cylinder capacity to boot. Having eight rounds of high-velocity .22 LR hollow-points on tap is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to self-defense.

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I have the 942 in 22 mag. It shoots fine but the casings won’t extract for several minutes. Have tried to talk with someone at Taurus. Not a chance. They just sell the guns. They don’t seem to interested after that.

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I ordered a .22, but from different maker. That model 942 seems to have some good characteristics, being steel and heavy in weight. On the casings getting stuck, I hear you. The others in this group might have some good advice. I have had some but limited “sticking”, when the gun became hot in temperature. For me, it was only a minor inconvenience when at the range.

Possible tips?:

  • Experimenting with different ammo, some of my nickel plated casings fall out smoother, than do the brass ones.
  • I’m testing if non-lead ammo, or instead using copper or copper plated ammo help to reduce fouling or soot sticking inside the cylinder.
  • Rotating different firearms during the range time, allowing breaks for it to cool off.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the firearm and cylinder the same day upon arriving home.

A positive note, is in an emergency, you have that 8 rounds you can count on.

I have the Ruger LCR 8 shot 22lr revolver. You mentioned HP ammo which does not expand with the velocities obtained in the short barrel. If it did expand it would limit penetration. Lucky Gunner has some very good videos and test results on 22 lr in a snub. The results may surprise you.

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Thanks Joseph. I ordered that exact same model which I was informed has arrived for me; Only awaiting the state’s background check. Looking forward to learning more about how it operates best.