TAURUS TX22lr Pistol

I am in the market for a couple of 22s for training purposes. Does anyone have any experience with the Taurus TX22, and can maybe offer some perspective or cool points?


Ive looked at them, tempted to get one and if i did, the competition model.

Im quite happy with my Ruger Mark 4 Tactical though…


I do not have a Taurus 22,but I do have a Taurus 45 and a Taurus 9mm ,but do have a Bursa 22 and a Bursa 380 and I do like the operation of them one of the reasons is that as long as the magazine is out of the weapon even with a round in it you can pull the trigger all day and it wont fire the round in the chamber,and when breaking it down,the slide cones off to the rear and the barrel is attached with a pin you have to punch out,both Bursa’s are strong weapons and both have thumb safeties and the mag out safty

I’m just trying to establish a small little inventory of parsimonious guns that I can check out and ensure that they are safe for range practices. That will keep me from wondering whether someone else’s is safe. If I do the maintenance, I know they are safe. Just looking out for my students, at least while they are with me. There is a such thing as inherent responsibility. Just trying to cover my basis.

I had a Ruger SR22 for a while, my friend got one also. They are fun guns. Comes with 2 - 10 shot mags and 2 sets of grips. We shoot them a lot and never had a malfunction.
Photo of Ruger sr22


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Since you said you were looking for a little inventory, have you looked into the P322?

I mentioned it in another thread and it’s a dandy little pistol. Haven’t put too many rounds through it but what i have put through, has feed quite nicely.

And it has 20 round mags. You just have to be sure to load them correctly or you’ll get malfunctions.

Sig, theoretically, is going to have 25 round mags but the last couple of times I’ve checked their site, they’ve been “out of stock”.

Anyway, I think it’s spiffy and money well spent. :slight_smile:

Edit update: The other mag Sig is going to have is 25 rounds. Not 35. Really sorry I didn’t notice the error before. I’ve corrected it now . . . Sorry!


No, I’ve not looked into the P322. I was looking at the TX22 because the cost was attractive mainly. I will find me a range that has some on hand and see if I can try before I buy. But I will take a look at the P322 as well, thanks for the tip.


I have a Taurus TX22, and really like it. I use it for training myself, and have taught my daughter how to shoot with it. I’ve owned it for about 2 years, and it has been 100% reliable, and easy to maintain.


I appreciate you reaching out and giving me the feedback that I was seeking. Best to you, be safe, and carry on.


Cindy and I use Ruger SR22 for our classes very dependable and a size everyone seems to be able to handle comfortably.