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Hey guys:
The attached targets were shot with my current EDC Sig P-365.
I am posting my targets from my last range time on 8/11/19. I start with a target at 20ft. 1/2 -1 second per round 2 hand. The target with the unintentional headshot was with one hand drill strong hand (Right) alternating with weak hand (Left) same rate of fire. One of the targets is 50 feet same rate of fire. Then back to 20 feet same rate of fire 2 hands. I bought small reactive stickers to bring my aim to a tighter focus.

If anyone has suggestions on what I can do to improve my shots, tighten my groups.
Tony 20%20feet%20one%20second%20per%20round

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Start slow and concentrate on putting the shots as close to bullseye as possible. The speed will come naturally as you begin putting the shots exactly where you want them. Focus on your grip, sights and your stance, one round at a time.


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Thank you Spence. Interesting that you said that. It’s one of the things Zee mentioned. In addition my self defense coach said the same thing. I think I’m going to blend both suggestions and slow myself down and limit my string of fire to 2-5 rd. at a time. I have to remind myself to slow down and focus.
Thank you for taking the time to read and answer with a positive suggestion.
I hope I become absolutely proficient at shooting.

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