Target Shooting around Houston?

In the Houston Texas area, if anyone knows of an outdoor location where it’s legal to target practice, please pass info and location.

We are in desperate need of public land where you can shoot up your own targets, cans, plastic bottles and the like without liberals complaining.

God Bless and Stay Safe

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@WildRose, any ideas?

@Dennis_L you might try the folks in this thread to see if any of them are in your area: Texas Roll Call

Sad to say but I’m clueless as that’s the wrong part of the state, I’m about 6-7 hours away from Houston.

Google is about the best recommendation I can come up with.

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Hey neighbor! I live in Houston, TX as well.
Been to plenty of the ranges around town, and actually had the opportunity to work at one while going to college.

But if you are looking for “public land” to go shoot targets/cans/ect, your best bet is to ask around or perhaps know someone who owns land outside of city limits who would be willing to let you shoot on their property.

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