Target Focus Training

I’ve been wondering how many people train using Target Focus Training and the information Tim Larkin has given us as USCCA members?


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Thanks @Randall318 I didn’t get a chance to read that article yet and that’s why I started this thread because I train in multiple ways because my firearm is the absolute last resort. I train hand to hand and other options. Target Focus Training is a company USCCA has used to help us with our training. I’ve been curious about others and their training and if they also use the lessons learned from Tim Larkin and his team.

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No problem, sir! I’m like you in the notion of training in different ways whereas my prime focus lately has been teaching at the range.

I was going six(6) times a month, but I’m only able to buy a stock of ammo once a month,

Who when they go does not take their rifle as well(Unless provided in their rules and form you signed for in-facility they don’t allow rifles)

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My prime focus lately has been decision making under stress. I don’t want to be in the position of being charged for defending myself. I want any decision I make in a self-defense situation to be a clear cut case of self-defense. Hindsight is 20/20 and if I’m going to have anyone looking at my decisions in a self-defense situation. I want them thinking about the reasonable man and deciding that any reasonable man would do what I did. I want my decisions to be dissected so much that they know I reacted in self-defense.

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Agreed bro, might not look good for the application into law-school. I think my debt already sealed my fate, but if we can avoid certain times, at certain places, with certain people, a lot of criminal activity would not be around you (I said a lot NOT all)

However, the first thing when actually in the situation is finger discipline does come natural (As much fear I felt then) I did not just grab and start shooing the assailant. Give them a particular chance to respond and dis-engage IF possible although don’t lose your life doing so.

Example: Gun aimed right at you DON’T GIVE HIM ONE SECOND. DRAW AND FIRE!

Example 2: Guy is wielding knife… you know the answer already, VERBAL commands are crucial also training tip is saying "Drop IT! Because your mind wants to throw it and waste valuable seconds and saying drop it makes your mind respond to the appropriate thought and command.

You have heard police say “DROP IT” real. real loud…it still does apply for the suspect. but more so for them.

I understand completely and agree with you. Your first example, if he’s within arms reach of me. It’s a natural reaction with my training to send the firearm to a safe direction and hit the assailant hard enough to release it and grab the spot I hit. The issue is I have to pick where I’m going to hit before I make any move because some places are guaranteed lethal resulting in death and some are just excruciating pain. In example 2 verbal commands are a must but again if he’s within arms reach. I’m not drawing my firearm, I’m going to put him in so much pain to see if he will choose to stop on his own. If he chooses to keep going then he wants to escalate to deadly force. At this point I will cause an injury that will immobilize him. Again I pick where I’m going to hit while giving commands, so if I don’t have to go lethal I won’t. If I’m forced to go lethal in hand to hand combat, I stop thinking about what I’m doing and stop caring about them being a person making a mistake. When I’m forced to go lethal they are nothing more than a side of beef in a freezer I’m breaking off the hook quickly.