Taliban Confiscates Guns From Citizens Because Afghans ‘Can Now Feel Safe’


Nothing says safety and love like the taliban.


CNN says they want to kill us but they are friendly!


We’re going to find out how friendly they are as they start to ship them all over America. Perhaps they can watch over the children they’re bringing all over America. Oh & not to worry they’ll be sending some Americans back home too. Makes a guy feel warm all over… Doesn’t it?


Pretty sure they will end up in the Red states, not the states that proclaim they welcome them.


How can so many Americans watch other lemmings run off the cliff, even witness them splatter on the ground, and yet they can still be convinced to take the same course?


It’s part of a mindset which allows people to feel safe, even though doing so conflicts with what you see around you and what you believe. The very definition of “cognitive dissonance”.

For example, a poll taken some decades ago found that while a majority of the voters responding believed that the federal and state governments were definitely corrupt, to one degree or another, very few of them believed that their own representatives (the ones they actually voted for) were corrupt to any measurable degree. It’s always “the other guy”.

The same reasoning is used in the Chicago Argument for more gun control. The Powers in Chicago believe they have done all the right things to control guns, yet they still have very high rates of criminal use of guns. They reason that these “gun crimes” are not driven by the failure of their own policies, but rather the lax policies of the surrounding jurisdictions who haven’t done “all the right things”. It’s the other guy’s fault.

When our county was debating the vote to go WET (allow liquor sales) the same reasoning was used by every righteous representative and churchman to argue against it. Not one of those politicians or preachers ever said they would personally have a problem with ready access to alcoholic beverages, nor any of their supporters or congregations either. NO, no, no. But there are “other people” in the county who are weak and would be unable to control themselves in the face of liquor bottles on a shelf inside a store. Drunken weaklings will crowd the streets and whiskey will run in the gutters. It’s the “other guy” we need to protect. From himself, because WE know better.

This kind of self-serving logic trail always leads to the conclusion you started out with in the first place, regardless of actual facts or merit. It’s really quite popular.


There are always some people that just want clothes on their backs, a place to live & something to eat & so will just obey…

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