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recognizing a threat, AS a threat is my point.

Fine, but keep in mind, fear is a powerful emotion. Like a fellow employee was fearful that I used a pocket knife to open a box…fear caused her to go to HR and have the company’s policy changed. Do I agree with you on using a knife to open a box or a tacticool pen used to write is non-threatening…sure…but it also tends to depend heavily on appearance also. I honestly wouldn’t think anything of it watching a guy in a suit using a tacticool pen at his desk…unless it was someone I didn’t know, wearing more street clothes in a business setting, looking disheveled. Then I would likely be more concerned.

So have I which is why I’m am stating owning such a device is silly. Like you stated, a nice metal pen is just as effective and more inconspicuous than a tacticool pen. carry a metal pen. It may not have the added weight or the widow maker, but it’ll certainly work and no one can claim you killing someone was premedetated because you chose to arm yourself with a tacticool pen.

No, it was an extreme exaggeration to articulate my point, but thank’s for the insult.

Please stop and consider this comment seriously. In California, people were open carrying their weapons and it was in a non-threatening manner. The public was fearful seeing a bunch of people walking around carrying weapons and soon open carry was banned. YOU, may not see it as a threat, but you don’t speak for everyone. Making someone like you aware that some may view something as a threat is my point…as I stated in the beginning, “they are making themselves a threat…”. Maybe you are comfortable with it, but regardless of YOUR feelings…you don’t speak for everyone. There are people who would consider it a threatening action and if someone “felt” threatened enough they could respond in some way. Either calling the police, calling HR, or whatever.

I have had people tell me they weren’t comfortable and they asked me to leave. I’ve also had people at my house tell me and I pointed to the door and made it clear they can leave at any time. I’ve also had a couple people call police on me which is why I am stating what I am. Just because you are comfortable with whatever, doesn’t mean everyone is.

No?! You don’t say? My point is that using something designed specifically as a weapon as your writing instrument is making you a threat. Maybe not to you, but as you said, “Many people have illogical fears.” So why the effort to argue with me when you know it’s true. Maybe not to you, maybe not to most rational people…but to many…it’s true. Thanks for finally proving my case.

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Considering your comment was an insult, you are welcome.

As far as people being fearful… are you willing to surrender your rights, because some people are fearful?

Some have irrational fears… fear of the rain, fear of electricity, yet, they survive and the rest of us live our lives.

If someone feels threatened because you wear a Hawaiian shirt, should you refuse to wear those shirts for the rest of your life?

We should not … NOT… alter our lives or have them altered because some have an irrational fear.

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We carry a firearm “Concealed” so that we have a tool IF we need it. If you want to carry a tacticool pen concealed, knock yourself out. There’s a lot to be said about not displaying weapons you carry so you don’t become a target or a threat. Much like my unit used to wear civilian clothes for certain operations to blend in, that’s my point here…blend in and not mark yourself as a threat. I guess you want to argue for the sake of arguing.