Tactical pen

I lost my S&W Tactical Pen at work last week. I looked all over for it , but it was nowhere to be found. I’m sure at some point it will show up, but in the meantime I had to replace it. My new one arrived today and I feel whole again, LOL.
Anyone else carry a tactical pen on a daily basis?


I used to carry one as a Corrections Officer, It was one of the only “weapons” we were able to carry.
Now I carry a pistol, Pepper spray, knife and a walking stick. :+1:


I carry my pistol and knife also, minus the pepper spray and stick though

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Yep, I have it attached to the pouch I carry my SOG switch pliers in…part of my EDC.

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Ball Point Pen.

Preferably a metal body and if I can find it a metal ink well or refill.


Surefire makes some great pens. A little pricey, so don’t lose it!!

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This is also a great pen, bolt action. Personally, I have found the mechanism to be stronger then the ,“clicky” style and no cap that does not stay on after a little while or lose.
Hope this helps

Honestly, I’m against “tacticool” pens. In my experience, most people (excluding law enforcement) haven’t a clue how to use them other than watching a video or something they read. Most falsely think they will compensate for a lack of training.

So here’s my two cents. I’m trained in Krav Maga and Judo, so a punch or strike using a tacticool pen is treated about the same, counter and strike back to ensure the attacker regrets being born. If my primary pistol and magazines are depleted, I use my pistol as a bludgeoning device not some tacticool pen.

I would say you need to recognize that using a tacticool pen is considered using a lethal weapon. In many cases it’s considered no different than your pistol as it can be just as lethal and far more inconspicuous. Consider it from someone else’s perspective. You have an altercation with someone. The person you’re arguing with reaches into their pocket and arms themselves with a tacticool pen. They are now armed and dangerous and are a threat to you and/or your family. If you drew your weapon and shot them, most courts would deem it justifiable and self defense. If someone was unarmed, you’d likely not shoot without offering a warning first because if you did shoot, your actions would most likely be scrutinized. Just think, anytime you actually use that pen, you are wielding a lethal weapon…what happens if someone perceives it as such and responds?

While you make a valid point (and I carry ball point pens, with a metal body, not a tactical or ‘tacticool’ pen), but the point might overlook something.

I would hope, if someone actually uses or wields the pen, it is because they NEED the weapon, to defend themselves, and not to just wave around.

If there is no threat, and you bring out a weapon, there is a very real possibility someone else will consider it a threat and draw their weapon.


Great points @Kevin29. I received the first one as a gift, and while I thought it was very “cool” at first, I found that it is an excellent addition to my EDC. I use the pen all of the time. I guess it’s just kind of comforting to know I have something else as part of my gear, along with my knife and handgun.

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Hey Kevin,

I use metal pens all the time. I got a gift from a good friend for helping and it’s a really nice pen…not that I’d ever waste my money on a nice pen…but it was a gift so it means something to me. So, if I or anyone was in a situation where using it as a weapon could serve to help save our life or the lives of others, use it with great ferocity and call it a day.

Now, regarding the tacticool BS pens that people love to buy and yet have no flipping use for or know how to use…well…that’s a completely different story. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for using whatever tool is available if it serves to save your life (or the lives of people around you). I just see too many people carrying around these hilarious tacticool pens like they can use them and it’s, well…pathetic.

My point was strictly that most of the idiots out there carrying these pens, never considered that they are in fact carrying a device that’s considered a lethal weapon. It was literally designed to BE a weapon. That’s not the same as some random metal pen or other object that was designed for something else. Tactical pens were literally designed to mimic the kubaton. So unlike your metal pen, tactical pens would be considered a lethal weapon.

As for someone “bringing out a weapon” and not being a threat…think about that for one second. I’m a stranger, standing next to you. I reach into my pocket and pull out a knife. You know that I’m standing less than 5’ from you so I clearly am in your danger zone because no matter how fast you are, you can’t draw your weapon and stop me before I bury my knife in your chest. I’m sure you heard of the 21’ rule? So, while I’m just cleaning my nails (at the moment) I’m still a danger to you until you either move away from me and get some distance or I put my knife away right? If I pull out a tactical pen, how is it any different. I could bury it in a skull just the same as bury a knife. That’s my point…we’re all supposed to have situational awareness and look for dangers. If some guy pulled a knife near me when my daughter was with me, I’d damn sure start moving us both away and be ready to kill the SOB while never taking my eyes off them and scanning for any other danger. I’m totally comfortable with people open carrying around me also…but if someone pulls their gun from the holster (like you might pull out a knife or pull out a tacticool pen), you immediately go from passive, to potential threat in the blink of an eye. All these idiots who use tacticool pens are making themselves a threat if they use them.

As a side note, we regularly train to defend against knives at my gym. We wear white shirts and have red knife simulators that leave a red streak if someone slashes or cuts you. I’m well trained and frankly I can tell you 21’ is VERY little distance when someone is coming at you with the intent to kill you. NEVER forget that.

Never said anything about someone pulling a knife … or bringing out a weapon… and not being a threat. If you draw a knife to cut something, or a box cutter, … that is not a threat. If you pull a pen, tactical or ball point, to sign something, you are not a threat.

I said, if you bring out a weapon, a tactical pen or knife, and are waving it around, someone might consider you a threat. I did not say if you pull a knife out and start whittling.
There are many of us who grew up with people carrying knives, using knives for different chores,… and none are a threat.
I took your statement about ‘wielding a tactical pen’ to actually be in a threatening manner. If it is not a threatening manner, there is no concern.

If you see someone pull a knife to cut a rope, or a box, do you consider that ‘wielding a weapon’?

I am not sure when you might draw your firearm from a holster while in public and NOT be considered a threat, unless it is in response to a threat.

Perhaps you are seeing threats and consider anyone who uses a knife, or box cutter a threat…

Anyone who pulls a tactical pen out to use as a pen is not a threat… and hopefully you or I or anyone can ascertain the intentions of someone that close to us, particularly if there are documents to be signed and we see them reading and signing documents, and in many cases we can tell if someone is agitated or they appear ‘out of sorts’.
Nothing is guaranteed.

A good metal body ball point pen is and can be a lethal weapon if used properly though most do not consider it as such, and yet… I do not consider everyone who pulls a pen from a pocket to be a threat.

Again, I took your comment to be someone who pulls out a weapon (tactical pen) for the purpose of threatening, not for the purpose of self defense when they are being threatened.


And yet, all John Wick needs is a pencil.

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And yet, all Peter, Paul and Mary needed was a hammer :rofl:

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There’s a simple distinction that you’re missing. Something designed as a weapon, is a weapon that can also have other intended purposes. Examples, knife can open boxes but it’s still a knife, tacticool pen can also be used to write, but it’s still designed as a weapon first with a secondary use. Items that were intended for other purposes that can be used as a weapon, are not considered a weapon. Examples, normal pen (metal, plastic or whatever), pencil, keys, baseball bat, golf club. These are all examples of “Improvised Weapons” meaning not intended as a weapon, but can be used as one.

Situational awareness might be considered paranoia by some, or common sense by others. last year I was filling up my vehicle with gas when I witnessed a bum push a cart into oncoming traffic with the clear intent to cause an accident. I ran over and stopped it before it reached the cars. As I was pushing it back to the sidewalk, the bum then was very apologetic till be rushed at me and was met with a front kick that incapacitated him till police got there. To you, it might have looked normal till a car hit it. To me, I saw a problem and interceded before someone innocent was hurt.

Someone using a tactical pen is still using a lethal weapon for a secondary purpose. I guess by your logic, you can reach in and grab you pistol and use it as a paper weight so long as the person doesn’t look threatening. My point is that whether that person IS acting threatening or not, introducing a weapon into a non threatening situation elevates that situation. I get that to you, using a tacticool pen to write seems innocent…but none the less, it’s still pulling out a weapon and using it for a secondary purpose. When I carried a standard size pocket knife, I pulled it out at work one day to open a box and some co-workers made the comment, “I know why you’re using it but it still makes me nervous seeing a knife get pulled out at work.” I guess she was wrong for her feelings because I wasn’t using a knife to stab someone, only open a box? People can, and do get nervous when they see a weapon. Why? because in the blink of an eye it could be used to kill.

and just to reiterate, yes, you can use your nice metal pen all day just like you can use a plastic or carbon fiber pen because they are designed as writing utensils first, but can be an improvised weapon in a pinch. Tacticool pens are designed as weapons first, and writing utensils second.

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I agree, you should train with any tool you carry. I recently got the new tactical pen that the USCCA offers. I have spent time training with it - just like I spend time training with my knives and my flashlight. Any one of our tools can be used against us if we don’t train with them.

The huge bonus to a tactical pen is that it can go where your firearm cannot in a lot of cases.

Definitely train with all of your self-defense tools!


Training is what most lack with regards to tactical pens and this is the single biggest complaint I have for them and the people who carry them. So, you’re in the second group if you’re actively training with it.

Also, please note that they can’t always pass TSA or go on planes. I know because an old military friend of mine used to carry one till it was confiscated when he came out to see me. He made it a point to tell me he’s brought it on planes before but for some reason they took it this time. So, beware.

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All Jason Bourne needs is a rolled up magazine.


Ball point pen will work, and it does not stand out.

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Um, to most people, anyone pushing a cart into traffic would be a problem.

Please stop trying to read something into comments .

You spoke about someone pulling out a tactical pen and you consider that a threat.

I do not. If, as you should be, you are aware of your surroundings, and the person who pulls out a tactical pen has documents to sign, then it is not a threat. That is why I asked about what you consider ‘wielding’… just holding a tactical pen, using one to write with, or actually wielding it as a weapon.
That does not mean the documents are real, they may be fake and it is a screen to try to make an attack, but in most cases, it is actually documents.

I have trained in counter terrorism, and other issues, in an old career I once had… so there are things I do know but did not think we needed to be in such detail on here.

This is asinine.

This pretty much speaks volumes about you.

If it is NOT being used threateningly, it has no value to panic… and if you are not in a panic, then it has nothing to do with fear, or whatever. If you pull a ‘tactical’ pen out to write, it is not being used as a weapon, regardless of it’s primary purpose… the reason it writes is so it can be used for the secondary purpose, otherwise, there would be no ink.

So, you have someone say that about your carry firearm if they see it… or are at your house and see you own a firearm and say it makes them nervous… does that mean you are a threat?

Many people have illogical fears, some fear rain, some fear a knife, some fear shadows.

I think this concludes this. Before I say something I should not. Your fears, your choices.

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