Tactical Pens?


For those of you who cannot carry (and who do carry) do you have a tactical pen? Are they worth having? If so, which do you recommend?


I have one but dont use it. It sits in my jeep. They are more tactical than actual pen, I feel. So it just sits there until I am in a pinch for a writing instrument. Lol


Yes got them for everyone. Uzi tacpen

I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s very low key.

It’s a writing pen with a very sturdy shell, and has a glass breaking point. Not sure how good it would work on car glass but I like that feature. It gives two points to strike with, and can be used to apply pressure to pain points with compliance locks to the wrists, collar bones, and ankles.

Quick story on breaking glass.

Years ago I was grilling and noticed a fire breaking out. I jumped over the wall and found a car on fire in the apartment complex next door.

I pulled my folding knife out and used it still folded to break the glass on the fire extinguisher case, a guy saw me and thought I used my fist so he got cut up.

I then used the fire extinguisher to try to break the side glass, on the 3rd hit the entire glass fell of the track and simply went down still intact into the door.


This one, @KenM or is there a different one you would suggest?

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That’s the one

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Works very good. I had to use mine once.


Brass “bullet pen”


Something like this, @38Snubnose?


Prior to tactical pens I’d use mini mag lights with old keys on a key ring. I’d put the keys in between my fingers and use the lens end facing downward to strike, and use the case on same pressure points.

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Hi Dawn,

Made from .308 and 30-06 rifle ammo casings. Frank is a 14 year US Navy Veteran (1082-1996).

Website: www.squareup.com/store/fb-products

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Those are awesome, @38Snubnose!