Sylvester Stallone's daughters trained by Navy SEALS before move to NYC

I guess, this is supposed to be cute - that you need to be trained by Navy Seals to survive New York. This is what Dem rule unleashed on the people over just a few years.


I get it. Right before my daughter deployed for the first time my buddy who trains SF guys came into town for a week to fill in the HUGE gaps that her basic training had left behind.

I was very grateful for his assist and the knowledge he gave her came in real handy during her multiple tours in the desert. Also during the year she lived in NYC :+1::+1:


I think self defense should be taught in high school girl PE class! The Lord knows they need it!! Part of their curriculum with a real instruction, not diy!!!


Training, Training, Training very cool. SD, martial Arts, Krav, Gunmanship all of it. You can never have enough.
Good on your daughter ENZO ! OORAH! Thank her for her Service!
Yes Ted ! All High Schooler’s (Male and female) should at least get the SD basics!
better than CRT! or DEI or EIEIO!

And YES Alexander this is just a Hollyweird ‘Puff Piece’—being trained by SEALS ! They must have had a good laugh as they stuffed buckets of money into their fatigue’s!

But I bet the Stallone daughters ( 28) minute work out was BRUTAL! “Adrian! CUT MY EYE’S!!!”