"Man on Fire" kills two corrupt cops to protect a seven-year-old girl

Last night I watched " Man on Fire," starring Denzel Washington, one of my favorite movies. John Creasy is a former assassin. He is hired to protect Peta ( Dakota Fanning), a seven-year-old girl in Mexico City. There is a scene where he is teaching Peta to swim faster so she can win a race.

He tells Peta. " There is no such thing as tough there is trained and untrained ."

After this, Peta gets kidnapped by corrupt cops, and Creasy was shot twice, trying to protect her. He kills two of her kidnappers. When Creasy wakes up in the hospital, Peta is dead. The former assassin starts killing everyone involved in her abduction. This action movie is full of explosions and gunfights.

But the best part is the end. A tear or two went down my cheeks when I watched this movie for the first time.

Back to what Creasy Bear said to Peta

“There is no such thing as tough; There is trained and untrained, Which one are you?”

Since you’re reading this, you probably own a handgun, and you may have your Concealed Pistol License. So you’re more prepared to defend your family from a deadly threat than 90% of people.

But taking the next step is critical.

Get some training so you can safely draw your gun from your holster and place multiple bullets in the predator’s vital organs. Once you have this life-saving skill, you can stop an active threat in 7 seconds or less.

I am curious.

  1. Do you know how to safely draw your gun from your holster and put accurate shots downrange?

  2. How often do you practice your draw stroke?


One of my favorite movies…


That’s on the short list of movies that I will always watch if I see it on tv.

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Ummmmm. Peta never died, at the end Denzel Washington’s character turned himself over to the kidnappers so Peta could live.

Great movie. Way more worthy of an Oscar for Denzel than “Training Day” which was a great movie too but "Man on Fire’ is amazing.

I blurred the spoiler for anyone else who hasn’t seen the movie. ~Dawn


I was trying not to spoil the ending for anyone who has not seen the movie.

BTW the movie is based on a book written by A.J Quinnell called Man on Fire i just finished reading the book for the first time. The book is good as well and the movie is a pretty faithful rendition of the book.

The book shows how he recovered from getting shot and got ready to declare war. This movie is in my top ten list.


:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:… Spoiler Alert!!!


Yes sir this is one of my favorite Denzel movies, and yes I can draw my pistol and get shots on target if need be, but I don’t practice my draw stroke every day, maybe it’s something to consider in these times.

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Whaaaaat? I did put a spoiler alert… For a 10+ year old movie​:innocent::innocent::innocent:


See, I told you I had put a spoiler alert! :innocent::innocent::innocent::smiling_imp::eyes:


Thank you @Dawn, :hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil::innocent:

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I saw the movie, and cannot see the spoiler!

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5 minutes a day- practice the draw. 3 steps and acquire my front sights. I use a dry fire SIRT gun to practice this at home. I have a target at 20 feet away. Some days I do a 7 foot draw to a high ready. The basics come first then I work on speed. Can not afford to be sloppy when practicing. Train correctly so that you perform correctly.


Hi ya, Christopher,

Just FYI, in case you didn’t know, that if you tap on the blurred post, it will turn back to normal. Tap again, and it goes back to blurred.

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Thanks! I am relatively new to this site, appreciate the tip!


Enough that most folks who carry daily think I’m weird. It’s habitual. More days than not I’ll get in at least 10 reps. New garment/holster/gun? 500 reps as soon as I get it home. Right after hard cardio workouts is a great time to do some dry weapons training. I use laser training at home. Get to the range to run live fire from the holster a few times/year. But I used to shoot a whole lot more than I do now. I had ammo delivered by the pallet for a lot of years when I didn’t have to pay for it. When I did, I still shot about 300 rds/month. That only changed 2 years ago.


Yes and yes Also if you have an outdoor place to pratice (by yourself) learn to shoot while moving, walking and running toward the target and away and also left to right also right to left. Be very careful while you are doing this and let someone know what and where you are doing this in case of an accident.