Supreme court decision

I found this interesting. If anybody has more in depth details, please share.


Does this mean we no longer need CCP? Or does it depend on each state? Also, does this mean we can carry on all 50 states?


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The short answer to that question is “no”

Right now the move is to do nothing different than you did prior to this decision.


Not an expansion of rights; it is a RESTORATION of rights.


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From the article in the link above-

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, joined by Chief Justice John Roberts, noted the limits of the decision. States can still require people to get a license to carry a gun, Kavanaugh wrote, and condition that license on “fingerprinting, a background check, a mental health records check, and training in firearms handling and in laws regarding the use of force, among other possible requirements.”

Per that statement it will likely still be up to the States to decide if a license is needed and what you will need to do to get one. I doubt this ruling will directly led to National Reciprocity. It does open the door for it but I’m not holding my breath. But this ruling should at least make it so someone residing in another State cannot be denied a permit to carry in one of these restrictive States. Though I suspect many more years of court cases to affirm that right. If it is affirmed before the court sways back to the left then you will just have to jump through all the hoops and expenses each State sets up if you want to exorcise your right to self defense there.


I believe that NY may establish a similar format as IL. I have an IL CCL and I’m hoping that NY allows it for out of state Residents.