Suggestions to fix arm brace problem

My Remington 870 TAC14 has a Mesa Tactical arm brace that slides on the tube, especially on warm days when the rubber brace softens up. Last summer the tube was actually sticking out the open end of the tube.

My first attempt to fix this was a screw inserted into the bottom of the tube. This worked fine on cold days, but last time I was at the indoor range it still slid, bending the rubber around the screw.

My latest attempt to fix this is a plug I made out of black rubber washers (about 6 of them gorilla glued together). I tapped the plug into the open end so that it pressed up against the end of the tube and flush with the edge of the end of the brace. It’s not glued or screwed to any part of the tube or brace.

I have yet to test my latest “fix”.

Any ideas/insight would be very much appreciated!



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Your latest fix sounds like it should do the trick. If it does not, what do you think about trying the screw in the bottom of the tube again using a countersink “sex bolt” aka “Chicago screw” like this?

Edit: Welcome to the community. It is always great to have more people on board that think thru solutions to technical issues :+1:

Still brainstorming here … Depending on the OD of the tube on the gun, maybe you could cut an appropriate length of pipe (maybe PVC?) and slide it on before the brace. If it works, spray paint the pipe to match.

Thanks Gary. I’ll see how the plug works next time I shoot. I’ll take a look at the countersink screws too. I’m thinking the rubber brace will still bend around the screw. The TAC14’s recoil packs a good punch.
I’m thinking the tube will push the plug out. I looked around for a butt plate but then realized the brace was never made to be fired from the shoulder and so a butt plate probably does not exist.

Thanks again!


I was thinking about your pipe (possibly pvc) and I think it may work if I can find a washer big enough to fit around the tube. I tried to upload a pic of the tube but not sure if it’s going to show up.

Thanks for the ideas!