Straw.buyer’s.,& illegal’s. dont. do. it.‼️

No matter.if A. Person that you Like. . And they. And from another country!! And .THEY HAVE .I.D. DO .NOT. SELL.THEM…A. FIREARM.!! Just because a foreigner.has :id:. Does not mean that you know. What.THEIR.history…is, Let them buy. Their .E.D.C…!!! From . From where . They can . Have a background check.!!! We.DO NOT .WANT.TO.ARM…WHAT COULD . Be.THE VERY .ENEMY.THAT .HAS.CAME.ILLEGALLY.IN.TO…OUR.COUNTRY. TO. KILL.AMERICAN…CITIZENS.!!! know who.You.ARE DEALING WITH. . .WHAT.Does…THE.ENEMY.LOOK.LIKE.???


It’s too late that Biden MFer is giving them as many guns as he can take away from AMERICANS. Don’t be fooled by the “ASSAULT BAN” it’s his way of arming his constituents! I’ll say it again the 2A doesn’t work! He’s arming our enemies and training them.


Scott 52 SIR. I JUST SEEN THAT . BITME. Is USING THEM TO VOTE FOR HIM .:bangbang: AND YES . I believe you are right . Fast.and furious. The USA :us: lost five tractor trailer loads of military weapons and ammunition!! Sir.!!! And. They would prosecute every single one of us.!! If we sold. Just a bb. Gun. To. An. ILLEGAL FOREIGNER. THIS GAME . IS. THEIR PLAINS . To overthrow our democracy . Our government has already. Been. WE SEE. THIS. AND IF. ANY ONE. SAYS WHAT I JUST SAID. . You better know some one. That. WILL SLOW . Down. Them. Ending . You. Our government is . DANGEROUS. Very. Ask anyone who has ever went against . It. O. You can’t. They are . :skull_and_crossbones: DEAD. :skull_and_crossbones:. The first Amendment is . Not freedom. To speak. It’s a right to shut up. SIR. Love you SIR. HERES. YOUR ROOT.BEER. SIR. Love Bobby Jean . .SIR. :chile::us::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::hammer_and_pick::notes::toolbox::notes::hammer_and_pick::broken_heart::id::iran::star_and_crescent::100::notes::compass:


I know that foreigners. ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS.have weapons!! I. Believe that our government will use just an innocent . Sell of a weapon .!! To destroy. The citizens of America that have firearms!!! It’s A trap. And they are getting very desperate. Because they know president Trump. Is GOING TO BE RE-ELECTED :bangbang::bangbang: IF THEY DONT . Do EVERYTHING THEY OUR GOVERNMENT :bangbang::us: THAT HAS TAKEN OVER OUR FREEDOM. And . WHEN THEY MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO HAVE 16/.ROUND MAGAZINES. But 15/. Is. OK. WTF. That’s .CONTROL. AT ITS FINEST. :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:WTF. WE HAVE LEGAL . Dope. And . Every single thing that . Comes to what I .WAS TOUGH THAT WAS WRONG . AND EVERY THING THAT I WAS TOLD IS RIGHT I WRONG. :bangbang::bangbang: GRANDAD. AND GRANDMA :bangbang::us::100::latin_cross: WAS NOT WRONG . THESE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN DESTROYING OUR CONSTITUTION . ARE THE BASTARDS. Here is a root beer :beer: for everyone who believes in freedom . Live and let live . Love Bobby Jean and family . And puppies.:chile::us::beer::beer::beer::feather::feather::hammer_and_pick:

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