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When buying back your own gun from pawn they do a background check on you?

I was shocked! Last time doing that they did not do that.

Then my address was wrong so they were unable to let me buy it back until got address changed. I was standing at the DMV for all that time to find out my no insurance flag was &525 dollars from when it dropped & reinstated therefore had to buy an I.D. :roll_eyes:


Wow Randall, interesting @Randall318


I wonder if that’s all 50 states or just a local think, @Randall318. I’d guess a pawn store selling a gun to someone has to do a background check, but if it’s the original owner it’s used as collateral and isn’t really sold to the pawn store until the time to buy it back expires??

Interesting question - I don’t have any experience in pawn shops, but the legal hoops present an interesting quagmire.


My best friend, before he passed, worked in the pawn shop industry. His area of expertise was firearms. During the time he was in, he had mentioned that they did that, for liability reasons.

So if, for example, someone is having legal issues that would affect their eligibility to own a firearm and would cause them to be confiscated, the pawn shop would run a background check to make sure that they could still own firearms.

If the background check said no, they would call the police, and have an officer there while they completed the transaction. Then the police could do whatever was necessary.

So TLDR Version: To protect themselves from liabilty, as well as lower risk for Insurance.



Last time no troubles! && it would not have been had I not had to go to the freaking DMV!

It will be my last time and it was only cause being strapped for cash around Christmas. They made almost 100 bucks for that stupid loan :roll_eyes:

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I do know in Dane county in Wisconsin they must hold all computers for at least 30 days and run it through a stolen item database before they can put it out for sale.

I have gotten a deal or two over the years when they didn’t know what they really had.

I bought my wife a Harley Davidson leather jacket for 75 dollars. It was brand new and went for over $700.00. They have better people running the place now and the “deals” are much fewer.


They could not even sale mine yet because it was a lone.

I would die had they sold it due to sentimental value! But you are right about finding deals, I’ve never bought a gun @ pawn (other than my own :joy: :joy:) because as most of us, I like new things. :joy: :rofl:

There was an old man there before me actually buying a gun and that thing looked brand new (S&W 45) but the check did not come back on him and, I heard them say if the F.B.I. don’t respond in 10 days he can come get it. (or if they do they will call).

I found that odd. He just did not get approved or excepted on the check and I’ve never heard that one happen so I began stressing it but mine came right out per usual.


I believe it’s considered a transfer nonetheless as it’s no longer in the borrower’s possession and potentially subject to forfeiture in lieu of loan repayment.

I also believe the same occurs when it’s on consignment at an FFL.


If they come back as flagged as a hold, they have x amount of days to determine the reason to deny. If time lapses, and they could not confirm denial, the FFL can proceed to release the firearm.


Too many dang gubment rules! I sent my gun to a gunsmith for work. When he was sending it back, he mentioned it would have to be signed for, and UPS runs when I am at work… So, we decided to play it safe and send it to my local FFL guy, I had to fill out the paperwork go get my own gun back… And pay an extra $25.

Did not want to risk any issues with the ATF, so we did it this way.

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