STI becomes Staccato 2011

Have you noticed this? :thinking:


This is what their website says:

"Twenty-five years ago, STI Firearms revolutionized competition shooting by bringing the world a whole new gun platform – the 2011® pistol. As we’ve grown, our leading innovation, relentless drive for excellence, and mission to build the World’s Best Shooting Handguns has led our evolution to become a new modern-day gun manufacturer – Staccato.

While our name has changed, our mission, innovation, and promise to customers has not. And while we continue to make Staccato 2011® pistols for competitors, our modernization and transformation shifts our focus to create pistols for our nation’s finest, who defend our freedoms daily, and for anyone serious about defending their loved ones. Staccato and Staccato 2011® pistols today serve the world’s everyday heroes."


That is a terrible name.

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And I’m surprised they change it because Customers preferred this one…

I agree terrible name! Since I usta play the piano, my mind refers to music, and a staccato note. I would love to shoot one!!!

It is my turn to name the next kitty, as we just lost one. I was thinking of naming it “Sig”, stacotto is too hard to say. If I could have the choice, all our kitties would be named after firearms! LOL


Just commentary from another forum, but people there are bringing up some questions:

  1. Warranty changes? Looks like the lifetime warranty is now specifically for the original purchaser, as well as other limitations.

  2. Staff and parts source changes? Rumors about more parts coming from South Korea and the Philppines and layoffs of some of their previous gunsmiths.

  3. Will the 2017 buy out by “Westwind Investors” private equity group have negative affects on the quality of the products or customer service?