Staying safe on Valentine's Day

As children, most of us were taught to not talk to or get in cars with strangers. Now it’s pretty typical for people to use an app to have a stranger pick them up and take them to a date with a stranger they’ve only met online. It’s not exactly the safest way to meet people or to get from place to place.

If you’re in the dating pool these days, how do you keep yourself safe?

If you’re not in the dating pool, what safety recommendations do you have for those who are?

Safety tip #1: Give your lady a gift. If you forgot what day it is, wear body armor and sleep with one eye open.


Safety tip #2:

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No valentine, ex is gone far, far away. On in my years don’t understand internet dating, can’t go out to eat since covid B’s, dog & I are doomed to mope around Until spring. Yeah it’s a good life.

I was carrying 2 on my first date, met on the app hinge, 5 months later I got engaged, had given up finding my match when suddenly, there she was.