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A first date is new and exciting. But it can also be scary — and we’re not just talking about pre-date jitters.

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Here’s the way I approached it when I was single.

  1. Ladies, ask for their full name and look them up in CCAPS or whatever online criminal justice system you have. Gents, offer it up.
  2. Have some friends be incognito wherever you go on your date to help you out if needed.
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I always had a girlfriend call me 10 minutes into the date to give me an out if needed.

Bartenders are also your friend. If they know you’re on a first date, a lot will watch your drink and help you out if you need to get out. I’ve had one bartender buy my drink and send me on my way to get me out of a bad (creepy, not violent) date.

CCAP is great - and you can also do a Google Image search. If you’ve never done one, check it out here:

Valuable information I will gladly pass on to my daughter who is quickly approaching the dating phase of her life.

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