Dating Safety

Have you experienced any of this situations while online dating?

What warning signs do you look for when online dating?


Harassed by direct messaging is something that happens to me quite a few times. One time recently but the issue with this one over other is I’m not even in dating scene; It was on Facebook[Need time to myself & God].

I was polite about the situation, but when didn’t answer back…She started commenting on my post!

Lying, I have caught a few girls in fibs but, I won’t act like I’m innocent of “White” lies in order to protect myself. For instance, security answers for accounts; You have to be careful not handing over information could get accounts hacked. Another being physical work location because suspicion of mine was being let go due to an ex but can’t prove it.


If I’m online dating the warning would be where in God’s name is my wife?


Ditto. I got lucky with my wife. I’m not about to try to find anyone else.


If her profile pic looks like it’s from the 1980s…

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