Dawn's a movie star

I was watching there proving ground videos on the USB drive and all the sudden who do I see on number 7? Our lovely Dawn , she’s a movie star!


Plus she rocks like a rock star. :innocent::crazy_face:


LOL! I did have the distinct honor and privilege to be in a Proving Ground. It was a terrifying experience even though I knew the attacker wouldn’t hurt me. I learned a lot and approach convenience stores a lot more cautiously now! :wink:


Situational awareness is there for a reason, now if only I could get my girlfriend to stay off her damn phone when we are out and about. I keep asking her in the stores, “did you see that guy that was 3’away from you”
“What guy”

And I will walk off without her noticing and flank her from behind, get her in a bear hug and I inevitably get smacked after the fact. It’s a good thing she never filed to get her permit, I don’t think she’s mentally ready to handle the responsibility that is required to be a safe and responsibly armed person.


That reminds me of a vacation, I believe last year, when my wife and I were walking on a city street (daytime). We had just crossed the street when a man began following us. I told her, I believe we should turn around now. She said, yeah, there isn’t anything I see of interest on this street. As we passed the man, going now in the opposite direction, I asked her did you see that man that we just passed? “What man?” I said the man with the hat that we just passed on my left. “No.” I told her he began following us as soon as we crossed the street. He had been loitering with a few other people in front of a store before he saw us cross the street and begin following us. The other people loitering were smoking and/or looking at their cell phones - but not him, he was discretely watching people.


Situational awareness at its finest, right now condition yellow is even more important than ever. We need to stay aware whenever we leave our houses and even in our homes. We never know what can happen at a moment’s notice. I’ve been called paranoid for the simple fact that I’m always scanning for possible threats, cover and exit points.

With having said all that, I tip my hat to you sir on keeping condition yellow even when you were at a time where it should be care free.


To the point of your first post regarding the situational awareness of your girlfriend, take a look at the story of what happened to B.J. Baldwin in Vegas last year. In one account I read, his girlfriend was the first to notice the attackers running at them.


See, that’s the way it should be. There are a lot of women who have great situational awareness. Having someone to help keep a look out, over watch if you will, is a great idea.