Awareness and distractions

Went to the grocery store this morning, two thing happened that seemed significant.
First, I come around the end of one of the aisle and end up really close to a young guy and he stepped over to blocked my way, baggy pants blue bandanas (Crip for sure) etc. The scary part was, he had bandanas on his head and face so all I could see was his left eye, everything else was covered. Looked a bit concerning to me. He says something like Sup Oldschool or something like that. I looked him in the eye and said “Uncover your face, what the duck are you hiding behind all of that for?”. He kinda slumped down a bit, turned and walked off. After he walked off I got that rush of “That was close” feelings.
Then when I walked out of the store, there was a rather attractive lady approaching the door, she smiled said “Good Morning” I responded and I walked on by. Then it occurred to me, I was 20-30 feet into the parking lot and hadn’t swept my surroundings for threat. Totally distracted.
So there it is, situational awareness or break down there of in living color.


Nothing like a pretty girl to make your mind go blank. :rofl:

:fireworks: Happy Birthday Brother, and many more. :birthday:


Yeah, last time I lost my situational awareness over a good looking woman I was married to her by the time I came to my senses. So just beware guys!


Happy Birthday Mike, and good reminder! Glad everything worked out okay for you.


Remember folks a couple of months ago?
I saw and pretty girl in ‘supposed’ distress?
Fortunately I was helped/saved by a Veteran
who was paying attention, because i surly wasn’t
Well, it wasn’t not paying attention exactly but kind of like
Mike i was distracted by trying to help…splitting hairs here
probably but anyway you slice it it could have been a double
burger sh-- sandwich I never should have been that close to eating.
I will say for myself that lapse in awareness was my wake up call and
I haven’t let it happen again since so I can honestly say as Clint Smith drilled
into us ‘A fight avoided is a win’ (she wasn’t that pretty, she wasn’t my type
but she hit the I’m in distress button I wish I could disconnect sometimes
I just don’t want to get cold hearted in my later years but if it’s 'so sorry this feels
wrong or dangerous for myself it’s beat feet time and I won’t look back.
No one is going to take care of my sister but me and if I am gone because I lost my


A friend of mine in high school was driving down the road when he noticed a very attractive woman in a very short skirt walking down the sidewalk. He didn’t notice the car in front of him had slowed down and he bumped it leaving a small dent in the bumpers on both cars.

He got out of his car but before he could apologize a middle aged guy in a fancy suit got out of his much nicer car and said “It’s OK I was looking at the same thing”:heart_eyes: He let my friend go on his way without exchanging insurance info.

This was back in the days with real bumpers when a small dent didn’t lead to the insurance company totaling your whole car.


I was walking out of the grocery store one morning and noticed a very pretty blond girl walking in, nicely dressed in tight fitting jeans and shirt. I was about to say “good morning”, but she beat me to it. She had the most beautiful smile, it lit up her face and I was speechless. I walked about 10 steps and looked back as she looked back and laughed
with that smile. Good thing there were no cars in the lot, I’m sure I would have walked into one.
I never saw her again and I will never forget her. :star_struck:


Before I got into the self defense thing, the wife and I was coming out of one of the big box stores. We saw this young guy screaming at an elderly woman whom I think was his mom in his truck. I wanted to go over and tell the guy to calm down but the wife stopped me. I can still see the look on her face as her son(?) was screaming at her.

I still feel like I should have done something but what would that a-hole done to me if I stepped in? I didn’t have any defensive abilities or equipment but my size. We all know some ppl don’t give a hoot even when they have a weapon in their face. I feel like a scumbag for not helping her. I try to console myself with: any fight you avoid is a win.