Staccato C2 VS NightHawk Counselor

I have been fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to purchase two firearms that I thought would take me a long time to save the money to buy them. The Staccato and the NightHawk are both used, and I got them from friends who gave me a great deal because they knew I love to train and would not keep them as safe queens. Both are part of my EDC, and I have been at the range training with both. However, I have more time with the Staccato than the NightHawk

Build Quality:

Nighthawk uses a DLC finish that is beautiful/pleasing to my eye. The slide to frame is tight, and racking the slide, it s butter smooth. Thumb safety has excellent positive feedback.

Staccato frames are anodized and have a dull look to them. However, it looks good. I use a leather holster and do not see any hot spots on the pistol. The frame is tight and closely matches the NH, and racking the slide feels like it is on ballbearing. Ambi safety provides good feedback.


The Staccato wants to shoot fast. I cannot explain it better than that. The trigger ( 4lb) is smooth, and the take-up/resest is very slight. It is a shooter. Follow-up shots are effortless, accurate, and a very flat shooter!

NightHawk’s 1st time on the range gave me an oh crap surprise: very light trigger 3.5lb. It is accurate and easy to shoot at a distance of 25 yards in 9 and10 circles. But the felt recoil makes it harder for follow-up shots using iron sights before I added RMR.


Both are easy to EDC

My final thought:

The Staccato has an abi safety and bigger capacity if you live in a free state. My mags are pinned at 10 rounds. The Nighthawk is a little more refined, and the finish, I feel, will hold up over time. Plus, the IOS "interchangeable Optic system is so easy to go from Iron to Red dot, and I do not have to re-zero my RMR.


NightHawk Counselor

  • Frame Size: Officer
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Light Rail: No Rail
  • Safety: Single
  • Height: 5.12 inches
  • Width: 1.10 inches
  • Length: 7.01 inches
  • Empty Weight: 27.9 ounces
  • Match Grade 3.5" Bull Barrel


  • Caliber 9mm
  • Light Rail: yes, Rail
  • Ambi Safety Levers
  • Height 5.5
  • Width: 1.3
  • Length 7.5
  • 25oz Empty
  • Barrel: 3.9 Inch Bull Barrel


Congrats on having both :v:t4:
Thanks for fair comparison.

What’s your feeling about managing recoil and keeping muzzle flat?
I didn’t have a chance to shoot NH with short barrel but always thought NH shoots flatter than Staccato.
What I noticed C2 is stiffer than P or R or XL and I’m wondering if short NH is the same.

The Staccato to me is easier to keep flat - The NH I need more time behind the trigger. Follow up shots better with the Staccato. I just got the NH 2 weeks ago- Still learning.

I have been using two targets - Langdon and the Modern Samurai.

One thing – the grip is wider on the staccato. That makes a difference

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Thx for the info :love_you_gesture:

I hated C2 grip but wanted the pistol so badly… I replaced the grip module for Gen1 with extra shave on it, so now is almost like single stack.
I feel more comfortable with smaller grip now.

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Those grip safety’s and thumb safety’s sire are enticing, compared to Glocks.

Looking at your two model examples and Kimber full size, not Micro’s; But wondering about availability these days,

I had an experiences whereby if a store didn’t advertise as in stock, I waited 12 mo’s on 5 orders (not your brands above), none ever became available, so I ended up canceling but buying a different one, just one which was in stock.