The Eleven Brothers

I love shooting and carrying 1911. It feels right in my hands. Even though it is a single stack of 8 +1 rounds of .45, that is all I need in a self-defense scenario (not everyone would agree). I had the opportunity to purchase a used Staccato C2 without the optic cut. I have read many articles about Staccato. I wanted to give it a run against my Colt Special Commander. The Colt is a semi-custom hand-fitted 1911. 2011 are double-stack compared to 1911 single stack.

The Staccato C2 trigger is 4lb and has minimal creep, and the rest is short. Follow-up shots are effortless. It is very accurate. I was hitting a 2inch target at 15 yards without any issues. No-felt-recoil-flat shooter

The Colt has a 3lb trigger, no creep, and short rest. The Colt has little kick, and you need good mechanics to stay on target when trying to shoot fast. Accuracy and shooting at a 2inch target at 15 yards is easy as 1-2-3

Colt is 4.5 inches compared to 3.9 inches for C2. Both conceal just fine with the right holster and belt.
Yes, the Colt is heavy; it doesn’t bother me.

My final thought:
The Big difference between 2011 and 1911 is that 2011 wants you to shoot fast, and the Colt is more slow and steady pace. I give the shooting a slight edge to Staccato because of how easy for follow up shots and how I can shoot fast and still be accurate. However, I understand that .45 has more energy than 9mm.


Good comparison. :ok_hand:t4:
I know 45 vs 9 can make difference in shooting comfort and give 9 mm advantage, but 1911 will never be close to 2011.
I’m definitely 2011 guy. I became that guy after trying everything I could afford to shoot. And I shoot 9 mm only (occasionally 22LR during classes).
1911 would be my to go pistol, but after I’ve tried Staccato R (which is single stack 2011) I’ve fallen in love with it after few rounds.
Staccato C2 is awesome, but unfortunately because of its short barrel and different recoil system is snappier than P or R…but still so accurate and easy to shoot.

Anyway, I’m glad to read good words from another Staccato enthusiast. :wink


Comparison of my 1911 Kimber Ultra Carry.45 and the Sig Sauer P365 XL