Springfield XDM 5.25", 10MM

Springfield XDM, 10mm comes in two sizes that helps others to have a chance in having a 10mm, the 4.5 and the 5.25 inch barrels.

I fully understand that many other companies have 10mm and Glock is one of those.

For the hunter and self defense firearm, you will never find a more accurate 10mm along with the Glock 20 Gen4.

springfield-armory-xd-m-5-25-competition-series-10mm-specs.pdf (981.9 KB)


Maybe for the money you may be right, but I think ether my Dan Wesson Razorback 10MM or my STI are better 10MM for hunting/competition. Just my opinon, but that is what makes the hobby so interesting.


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I like 10mm, and wish S&W still made the steel boat anchor i.e. my 1006. I know Sig has a 10mm 220 (and a 1911), but like Glock I’ve had a hard time cozzying up to Sig, and at 44 oz is kind of hefty… not to mention the price tag.

Not my pic:

If Sig made a 10mm P320 , I might have to pick one up.


I have a full size P320 .40 caliber. 4.7" barrel. I love it because it is accurate also. It depends
on the operator’s choice. That 220 look great, enjoy.

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I’ll put it up against my Kimber 10mm. :slight_smile:

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The weight on the Springfield 10 mm is around 36 ounces and it carries 15 + 1, w / 5.25" Barrel.
It is easier to pancake holster it and carry for me. My Glock 20 Gen 4 is my first 10 mm
and you just make your decision to carry either or the other.

I do not challenge you, because your KIMBER fits you, thank you!

And you will be able to outrun me given the weight difference! The nice thing about my Kimber is it doubles as an anchor. :slight_smile:

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Thank You :smiley: