Springfield Hellcat

Has watched video on the Hellcat trigger malfunction of trigger?

Which video?
I had a Hellcat, no malfunctions whatsoever


@ShooterRick owns several. I’ve never heard him mention trigger malfunctions in his thousands of rounds through them. Can you link the video? We might learn something today!


If not link… at least the date when the video was released.
If I remember - original trigger in first Hellcats got some issues… but it was long time ago.

Anyway… I’ve got question about the “double malfunction”:

Is it a typo or I didn’t catch a real meaning?


The Zombie gunner,I own a hellcat too this caught my attention and wondered if this had been seen by anyone else.


There was a lot of discussions on the Internet about that video.
First…it was 3 years ago. Be sure your Hellcat gets the same issue.
Second - be sure you pull the trigger straight to the rear.
Third - if you still find the issue applied to you, go with this fix:

Skip first 7 minutes.


There should be a recall for this problem!

I may be flawed in my thought process, but isn’t the purpose of a blade safety to keep the trigger from firing accidentally? It seems that by modifying the firearm to shoot in that way, you are essentially negating the trigger safety? Why not just buy a gun without it? Would, in my mind be on the same plane as pinning the grip safety of a 1911.

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I think it was taken care of it in 2021.
I am not sure if that was recall but Hellcat got modified trigger.

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If your pulling the trigger sideways, you ain’t doin’ it right!