Splatter Targets - Your Take?


I’m very used to using the regular USCCA paper targets when I’m at the range.

But I see a lot of splatter targets at the range too. Do you use them? Should I try them - if so, why?

not an endorsement of this target, just a picture I found during a google search


I just recently started using the splatter burst silhouette targets. I like them because the indoor range isn’t really that bright, so with those I can tell if and where I’m hitting, particularly at further distances.

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We use splatter targets almost exclusively. Its much easier on the aging eyesight. Plus, they usually have little stickers to put over the holes so they can be re-used a few times.


I find the splatter targets more useful at the longer ranges past 15 yards. At the range I usually train for pistol (7 to 10 yards or closer) regular paper works fine. I also like the USCCA targets. They help with quick target ID and acquisition. Someone calls out a shape or number and you have to turn, ID, acquire and fire. Works well.

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I use splatter targets for rifles makes zeroing and seeing hits thru a spotting scope very easy to see.

A disadvantage to them especially in newer shooters is it’s easy to focus on hits and misses instead of sight picture and trigger control.

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The splatter targets are much easier to see where you’re hitting so you can make adjustments, if needed. At farther distances, I was having trouble being able to tell where I was hitting. I love the splatter targets. I also bought a roll of small round splatter targets that can be slapped over existing shots so you can keep using the main target.

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I like them, but I get bored with regular silhouettes. I’ll use them for “vital zones”, especially if doing a rapid fire drill.

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@Dawn I buy splatter targets, and I use the small dot stickers for sighting in and shooting my rifles.

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Sounds like I’ll be buying some splatter targets for the Range tomorrow!


Another vote for splatter targets, at least for sighting in. I prefer metal and/or reactive targets. On regular paper, I actually prefer black background, white target. I can see my holes better against the white. I get to many shadows with the black.


Black silhouettes aren’t as nice for seeing impact for sure. I do like reactive targets as well, and thankfully I have a buddy at my gun club who always puts them out and trains with me. I love using the small stickers that come with splatter targets for sighting in!


Here’s my splatterburst target from today. I find this size (12" X 18") to be ideal indoors. I have the larger ones which can be a bit much and have fallen off in the past.

I start off shooting center mass, then start picking spots out to hit and somewhat try to make an outline. This was through my VP9 shooting both hands, dominant and non dominant as well as one handed, dominant and non dominant. Range varied from 4, 5 and 10 yards.


You can see immediately where your round hit and adjust. You can also see the pattern better faster. An what we do adjustments at the range can save your life on the street.

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Definitely. The feedback is instant. I was shooting at regular targets earlier, and at a distance you really can’t see what you’re hitting. The one below I was saying to myself “I’m either hitting bullseye, or I’m missing completely” with it about ten yards out. I ended up doing the same thing, picking out spots on and around the perimeter of the target to shoot at. Tried my damndest to hit the logo at the bottom left!


I prefer splatter targets over traditional targets. I find these much more easier to see in low light conditions such at the range or outside range.

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