Sorry I've been away

Ok guys, sorry I’ve been gone a while, but first the holidays hitting and recently my year and four months old granddaughter is in bad shape. She was having continuous seizures and a high temp. She’s not had a seizure in a couple of days, but still has a temp of 101.3°down from 103. We have no idea what’s going on and from the looks of it she’ll be in the hospital until after Christmas.

I’ve had my church, friends and just about everyone I know praying with me for her. Sad part is, I’ve never gotten to see her in person, just over video chat. The child definitely has her grandfather’s blood in her with some of the faces she can make. I just hope and pray she’ll be ok.


We will be praying for Reneesme and your family with you.


:confused: so very sorry to hear your little one is having a hard time. Prayers going up for her and your family. Hang in there, we’re here if you need us.


@Brian_J - I’m praying for your family.


Thank you guys, it truly means a lot.

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Will definitely send continuous prayers, @Brian_J. We went through something like that with my granddaughter earlier this year. I’ll PM you what they found with her.

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