Some Like It Hot

I’m not sure about this move although I generally like all things Musk. Freedom of speech is one thing. Insanity is another. Alex Jones is beyond Republican (if he ever was). Beyond Trump. Beyond 2A advocacy. Beyond anti-vax. I know conservatives who view him as a pariah of the movement. Elon’s a genius. I get it. But if you’re gonna bring back the billion dollar Sandy Hook bust, man, you better be damn sure. What next? Elon brings back Ye? Watch the internet crumble. Jus sayin.


Free speech is free speech. Whether or not you like the speech


Jus sayin. Free speech doesn’t give one the right to break any rules.

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Listen to what they say, Musk, Trump, Jones, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Romney, Schumer, AOC… who ever. They can say what ever they want. It’s what we as individuals do with their speech that really matters. As Free Adult Americans it’s up to us as individuals to call B.S. on :poop: and to shine a the light on truth.


There are no rules for free speech. I know they want to make you believe there are words that are “ILLEGAL” but they aren’t. I know they like to use the 'Fire in a theater" but, what if there is a fire in the theater?


My Brothers and Sisters I think the tide is turning
Musk is no idiot and there’s POWER behind Jones
Say what you will about either/Both Men but they have
the pulse and the moves the enemy doesn’t.
And it isn’t Flamboyance, It’s what’s RIGHT and Just
and we haven’t seen that here-about’s in years
Puddin’s grasp is slippin’ and he is losing on MANY fronts
Support is fading away and they are desperate to find ANYBODY
they can con the masses with. But it’s too late.
They tried a Hostile Takeover of this country and FAILED!
DEI, EV’s, Fossil Fuels, Trans everything, and on and on and on.
The people who aren’t asleep ain’t buyin’ anymore what their sellin’.
The World got too dangerous on their watch and they are STILL trying to
take OUR Guns…MADNESS! The Border, Ukraine and Influence Peddeling’
GREED! will destroy the Evil one’s in the WH.

Have a Merry Christmas Gunner’s, Hug your family, Keep them close
We aren’t out of the woods but I see daylight through the gloom.
Yes, I am having a good day! The LAST Craft show of 2023 was yesterday,
Range day was today, My .357 is on it’s way and for giggles I bought a S&W
2nd Amendment AR Ltd. Edition. It’s been a HARD YEAR for my Family but I’m
Never giving Up and I’m NOT giving in.

Don’t take S*** from anybody! ----Billy Joel! (Last play at Shea dvd.


I really don’t have a good argument. It was either what I posted or “What do you mean by that?”

It hasn’t failed until the monument of STUPIDITY has been erected!


Hey Scott,
I didn’t say we WON yet!
We still have to clean house.
Stack the Bodies
Hold people accountable
Try 'em, Clean 'em and Fry 'em!
But (for me) it’s Hopeful
It got really DARK there for a bit and I thought I was on a one way trip.
But maybe we can avoid a RED DAWN like it was looking for awhile.
Will we be tip Toeing through he Tulips? hardly
But maybe, just maybe we can make it through. I’d be Lying if I said
I thought we’d make it. For a while I felt like George Armstrong Custer
and the Little Big Horn was just in sight. I need a return of the Orange Man!
That would be THE SIGN for me.


Definitely NOT interested in the “possibility” of accountability, it’s time to build a wall of blood and bones as mortar!

Don’t let your guard down!


That works for me too!
I didn’t just buy a .357 to hold 'Daisy’s!
Rack 'em and stack 'em
No step on America’s snek!


There is “Brandenburg test” which draws boundaries of free speech. It was a Supreme Court case from 1960s.

Basically, they can shut Jones up no more that they can shut up students of particular ethnicity calling for genocide of US citizens of another ethnicity. And they are a whole lot more dangerous than Jones, IMHO.


Alex Jones has the right to be outrageous.

Re Sandy Hook, if he’s wrong, he pays for his outrageousness.
He retains his right to be outrageous.


Amen. I believe strongly that there should be no limits on free speech. But there are consequences to everything one says, good or bad. Jones’ consequence should have been that he lost his reputation (which he did), not that he lost his right to voice an opinion for all eternity. I think Elon Musk is making the right decision here. People need to be adults enough to say “I disagree with that” and move on. They don’t need the government or big tech to say it for them lest they melt.


Unless they are pointing a gun at me or threatening to do bodily harm to me in away that makes me think they are going to do immediate bodily harm to me. What they say to me bounces of of me and sticks to them. I am rubber they are glue.:man_shrugging:t3:


Thanks @Don102.

I completely agree. I will keep my guns close, such as my mossberg 590S Tactical, my EDC, Sig Sauer P365XL.

Have a fantastic Christmas with family & friends, but keep thine enemies closer!!! All :eyes: open, and stay aware!!!


Yeah. I can get behind your comment. Makes more sense to me than a Harvard President’s BS job.


I was rolling on the ground with this one!!! Ive been saying this for years.