Some good news

Caitlin Clark, a record-breaking 6 foot guard for Iowa women’s basketball expected to be the top WNBA draft pick, has received a $5 million offer to play 10 games in the Big3 men’s 3-on-3 league against former NBA players.

The offer would make her the highest paid women’s basketball player ever.

I certainly wish her the best in her career.


How about that UNDEFEATED South Carolina women’s team though? Not even Clark could derail them


I guess that I just don’t get our popular sports and their price tags. Half a mil per game to throw/catch/run? Yea…no.


I thought it was crazy when Joe Namath got $400,000 a year contract. Twice what the President of the country made. Now it’s just profoundly insane what they make. Yeah to play a game?
Not a fan of professional sports. High school and grade school sports are fun enough to watch, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg to attend. My Grandson is in 4th grade, and he plays basketball, and football next year. That’s amazing to watch.


I agree the amount of money paid to these players is insane but overall she deserves it compared to others who disrespect our flag or takes a knee,


I don’t disrespect the flag or take a knee. Most don’t. What do we get?


That’s the free market for you. The money in all aspects of professional sports will continue to increase until the consumer quits paying for it. The other answer would be to impose some sort of morality based price/profit/salary controls, and that’s a dangerous road to start down.


It is true, but people could be smarter. The $ that entertainers make, sports included, is ridiculous. The people have the power, but they rarely use it for anything useful, it seems.


Therein lies the other side of the double-edged sword of freedom.

“Freedom is the right to make the wrong choice, or no choice at all.”


I guess my response is. I’ve trained and competed against Professional Bicycle Racers, my last Pro Race was at LOTOJA, I’m currently training with Professional Boxers and MMA fighters. All I can say is the Elite, the Top Tier, The $Million people naturally have something that can’t be taught or acquired with training, they are different, they are (for lack of a better term) Freaks of Nature, they are Unique. We couple that with the attraction to High Performance and Success and you get the NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, MLS, MLB…