John 3:16

Kobe Bryant was a legendary basketball player. He died way too young. That is a tragedy. Kobe wasn’t perfect by any means. But under the brightest lights, under the intense pressures of the game, he always performed as a true champion. That is his legacy. Then there is Megan Rapinoe. An “athlete” who blames others, who blames God, but never blames herself. This is her legacy. Not the legacy of a champion. But the legacy of pettiness and failure.


John 3:17 too!


She just needs to go away. Not go away mad, just go away.


She didn’t blame Trump?


Megan’s legacy is secure. She had a great career (whatever you think of her). She flubbed a kick in the twilight her career. I’ve listened to several interviews with a lot of different players on the US Women’s team, Rapinoe included, and I haven’t heard any of them blame others. I’m sure there has. been hedging but a lot of sports greats have trouble with defeat and might have trouble just admitting, “dude, sometimes you just get your ass kicked.” I have also never ever seen her, or any of the women’s team “blame god.”
Still if you look her stats, after the sting wears off, she will be remembered for the great player she was and her terrible post goal celebrations.
She certainly criticized Trump. But that is fine.

Addendum: Just looked up the alleged “god blaming.” She was clearly joking.

In her own mind and of those she has rallied to her side.
She trashed talked the US and has become an Activist just like many others. At that point you’re not an Athlete and should not be paid as such.
All she does is complain especially about not making the same money as the US Men’s team.
She needs to humble herself and thank a Veteran for her rights before kicking a ball down the street like any kid can.


Please be reasonable.
Whatever you think of her, she has had a great soccer career. Her stats speak for themselves. She had a bad final World Cup. Larry Bird’s final years weren’t stellar either. Ali, Norton, Tyson, all have had similar trajectories as they age. This is the way of aging athletes. Their legacies are rarely judged for their final years in their sport. Should Riley Gaines just shut up? She has become an activist. Is she no longer an athlete because she has political opinions? All she does is complain about other swimmers? I doubt you think she should be silent. I know I certainly don’t. Obviously anyone can disagree with Megan Rapinoe, and find fault and things to criticize about her positions, but that shouldn’t really affect any assessment of athletic career. I’m not a fan of Dennis Rodman personally (how could anyone be given his cozy relationship with North Korea), but man, what a defensive phenom he was.

On a different note. Given that the US Women’s team was far more successful than the men’s team internationally and did more for soccer enthusiasm than men, I suspect the US Women’s team should have been paid more than the men’s team. That isnt’ to say they were better than the men’s team or could have beaten them. But they did more US soccer than the US Men’s team. And on the international stage were more successful in their league. I don’t know who makes more profit in the US pro leagues. But the market is almost certainly sorting out the proper pay between MSL and WSL.

Finally, as much as I appreciate veterans, veterans aren’t responsible for her rights, or your rights or my rights. Our constitution is responsible for those rights.

She’s a POS just like Colin Kaepernick, they should move out of the US! :us::us::us:


I guess you missed reading this part.
If you’re an Athlete, be an Athlete. I don’t care WHO it is.
And you are mistaken, Veterans are the reason we have Rights. The Constitution is a document that we fight each day to keep. If the US were invaded the first thing to go would be the Constitution or do you believe that it is a document that no other country on the planet would accept?
Women’s soccer doesn’t pull in the crowds so they do not get paid the same and Megan knows it, she’s just looking for the sympathy.


You can thank the US Military for making it possible for you to have your rights, Sir. Our Military defeated the British during our war for independence so the VETERANS of that war could write our Constitution.

You are welcome.

Bruce E. Edge
SSGT USAF '80 - '92


Thank You for your service @BruceE!


Thank you for letting me serve.


God exists and Karma is real. Her injuries prove both.


Is she doing a voice for the new Disney film “Wish”?

It couldn’t happen to a nicer person :soccer:

Thank you for your service.
But you are still wrong. It is the Constitution that is responsible for American Rights. The framers were a mix of war veterans and statesmen. I am incredibly grateful for the enlightenment values that guided the framing of the Constitution. Ben Franklin was not the only non-combatant to help frame the Constitution. Again, it is the Constitution, not anything else that grants US citizens its rights.

Still wrong.
The US Military certainly defends the country and the constitution. They are not the reason we have rights. The Constitution delineates the rights we have. Our processes of elections, direct the kinds of laws that are created, and our judicial process vets these laws against the Constitution to see if they pass Constitutional tests. No one runs this process by the military. The Military has no say in the law making process, beyond that its members get to vote the same as everyone else in the country.

The US Military is vitally important. But it is not the reason I, or you, or any US citizen has rights, that has everything to do with our democratic process and its Constitution and Bill of Rights.


So are you saying that it’s Trump’s fault if I lose at the Lottery :skull: Or it’s not Trump’s fault if I lose at the Lottery :skull:

Math’s is hard :rofl::joy:


Here’s what a real female soccer player looks like @Max20!


Sad to point out that neither the Constitution or the Military has “given” Americans any rights.

The Founding Fathers understood that as humans we were given “Inalienable Rights” by GOD! And in order to make sure they were recognized by all Americans they were “enumerated” in the Bill of Rights, not the Constitution.

They also mentioned that just because they wrote down this list, it was NOT a complete list and The People had way more freedoms that those listed in the Bill of Rights.