Ladies of the Canyon

In October 1968 Tommie Smith and John Carlos received the gold and bronze medals respectively after the 200 meter race.

In August 2023 a highly ranked US Women’s Soccer team was beaten by Sweden and did not advance in the World Cup tournament. Observers feel that the best the US could do is 12th place.

Both of these incidents were mired in controversy. Tommie Smith and John Carlos received their medals while giving the “Black Power” salute. The Women’s Soccer team refused to sing the National Anthem on their presentation to the audience.

I’m puzzled. Usually “champions” talk trash then proceed to win - and generally win big. The great ones like Jordan say whatever and then kick-ass. Not so with the this Women’s Soccer team and their vaunted “leader” Megan Rapinoe. In this day and age talking trash and failing is the way.


I suspect talking trash and failing has been around since the invention of language. I’ve definitely seen a lot of it during my 5 plus decades on this rock. But it sure is embarrassing for those who can’t back all the words coming out of their mouths with their actions.


Not to worry…the purple hair witch will get a big paycheck from espn or one of the other liberal hate groups. Then she/it can get the level of “respect” it wants.


I’m not so upset over the fact someone does not sing along with the National Athem.

I do get very upset when someone does not place their hand over their heart and stand respectfully.

If someone cannot do that one simple thing, they have no reason to be on a US National team. If a member of the US Military decided not to respect our Nation in the same way, they would be given a Dishonorable Discharge. I’ve seen it happen.

My thoughts are to disband the current Women’s US National Soccer team and restart from scratch with PATRIOTS.

Just the thoughts of a grumpy old VERY patriotic Veteran.


I detached from these people in 2020, and never gave them another thought.

Why would anyone send their daughter anywhere they welcome a male pervert into the women’s locker room.


“I do get very upset when someone does not place their hand over their heart and stand respectfully”.

…and ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is why you are the man :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:brother! :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:

People don’t have to say whatever comes to mind ALL THE PHUCKIN’ Time!
People today just blather whatever they want no worries who it effects, hurts and KILLS!
No RESPECT GIVEN anymore, Just blather,Bitchin’ and Boasting! ME ME phuckin’ amm about ME!
STFU once in awhile

I feel your pain, Don.

They can stand and complain all they want about how they are oppressed because they have purple hair and don’t have a conventional outlook on normal life. I could not care less about their purple hair or unconventional lifestyle. Does not mean a thing to me in my life.

They should either respect the Flag of the Country they represent as a member of the NATIONAL TEAM or resign.


Agree. Many would-be trash talking champions have failed under the bright lights. Some with greater disappointment than others. Trash talking didn’t help the 2010 Celtics as Kobe put them in their place. What is different though is that today failure is praised. Simone Biles was praised when she copped out due to mental health problems. Gone are the days when gritty individual achievement is looked upon as greatness. Champions fail or they would not be champions. But to praise a champion for failing… there’s something wrong about that. There is a reason why Michael Jordan has six rings.


I wonder how much of that is praise for failure vs the media trying to find excuses to cover their own butts after overhyping the people they chose to anoint as champions before the competition even starts?

Though we do seem to be heading in a direction where failure is a completely acceptable option. Instead of grades or the satisfactory to unsatisfactory ranges from my school days my son’s report card uses numbers that represent a range from highly proficient to minimally proficient. So no matter how poorly students do they will always be considered minimally proficient??? This must be why so many kids are graduating from high school without the reading and math skills needed to function in society.

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