So, what will the United States be doing about it?

Nothing, if the last 20 years are any indication.


So, what will the United States be doing about it?

Why, They’ll have the assistant to the undersecretary of Shipping and Receiving Flimm Flamm write a strongly worded letter of condemnation followed by a visit to the Chinese Embassy for a visit under the desk of the Chinese Ambassador to make sure nobody got there feelings hurt…


So, what will the United States be doing about it?

ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. JFK

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They’ll drum up some over-engineered plan that’ll cost billions of taxpayer dollars, then postpone it due to budget constraints. When it’s brought up again, They’ll write a news article about it saying how "potentially catastrophic " the breach is and how it spans a majority of our ports, and repeat the process of this until something happens. When something finally does happen, there will be a bunch of finger pointing, and no real solution. Then someone will be tasked with formulating a solution, but they retire before completion and no one picks up the ball.


Hmmm… Why does all this come up during an election year. /r :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Is there really any better time to force a choice based on fear and paranoia? :thinking:



Running into the shed with all the weapons makes sense to me…

It’s that they never bother to check the back seat or trunk when they get in the running car that bothers me!



You my Friend are VERY Cynical!
(I like that!)


Ya Know if the Chinese were spending all this Bread and Using all this High Tech to gather INTELLEGENCE on our .gov?..

wait for it!

They wasted a lot of

I ‘Yen’ for the old days, A straight up fight, Winner takes all.



Paper money is exactly that.


It can be printed, just like Biden did.

China has been printing paper for decades, and their oligarchs have used that to build modern ghost towns that nobody can afford to live in! However, they’re viewed as successful because they built these towns soo cheaply!….

Haven’t seen this here yet,… (Amazon)…


It’s coming.

I’m old school American, I want to LEAVE MY KIDS SOMETHING when I die!

Not this busted ass shell of a communist state.


Our freedom will be our downfall until and when we don’t count foreign entities among our free. We allow foreign media, corporations and actors to have the same freedoms in this country as American citizens, and that’s plain stupid. Freedom should stop at our borders, and only apply to Americans. Chinese (or any foreign entity) companies, and even Chinese citizens should NOT be free to buy land, operate companies and communicate on our networks as freely as Americans.


One of the first things bidung did after the coup was to have the Census Bureau count non-citizens in the census.

From the Gateway Pundit-
Well who was robbed of multiple House Seats in the Decennial tabulation by the Census – mostly Red States.
Census declared an “oopsie” in the count, but oh well, nothing can be done until 2030. What helped inflated the denominator in these counts? Most likely Illegal Aliens. Who helped remind everyone about this statistical error? Elon Musk who said,

“Most Americans are still unaware that the census counts ALL people, including illegal immigrants, for deciding how many House seats each state gets!

This results in Dem states getting roughly 20 more House seats, which is another strong incentive for them not to deport illegals.”

Censuses have consequences, stolen Censuses have catastrophic consequences.


should be out of Bidens own account. he/ they have made so much off of the illegal back door dealings


Unfortunately, the government sucks…they would only do do something like that with Trump, if he did the same thing as the current occupier of office…


I assume these devices were sent over for Hunter and “the big guy” to use. No worries. They have been giving the Chinese our secrets for years. Why stop now? :slight_smile:

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So true!!! 12 million more people to count. Think about how many house seats that will affect!


Houston , We have a Problem…

Gangs attack police stations in Haiti as Caribbean leaders call an emergency meeting Monday

*Canada Dry
*Brazil were called in to HELP!
These Buzzards have been spreading Fear and death on their own people
and now the tide has turned (again) and the GANGS are shelling out some
Woop-Ass and these Criminals are trying to drag everyone into their fight!
It just one Tyrannical faction after another!
Children disappear by the Truck Load, sex slaves, Andrenochrome, Women into Prostitution…

Let 'em Burn!