Banning Apps

I read this news article just now. I’m no constitutional lawyer, but would love to hear from some (or the armchair variety like me)… @MikeBKY

It sure seems to me like Mr. Trump is headed for another impeachment hearing. Is it legal to make these kinds of bans??

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What is your constitutional concern regarding this? Is it on the basis of the first amendment? What you are seeing is not unprecedented. Apps like TikTok are based in China, and really all he is doing is banning a foreign company from doing business in the US. There is a long list of companies that are not allowed to do business in the US for various reasons, some of which overlap with why TikTok looks like it will be banned.


It seems to me that we all shake our heads in disapproval of China’s censorship and trade bans. And it seems more like Mr. Trump is trying to punish the Chinese (and Americans who use these apps … not me, but I believe people should be able to use whatever software they want)… Trying to mimick that to “stick it to the chinese,” if that is what it is, is childish, immature, and exactly what I’d expect from him.

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Are you aware of why these apps are being banned? Are you aware that these apps have already been banned in other countries for exactly the reasons Trump is banning them? This is more than just trying to “stick it to the Chinese.”


If TikTok is truly Spyware and pose a threat to our national security, why not?


lol, i doubt it. And if it’s spyware, so is whatever is running at Equifax. Direct from the hands of the government and banks to the credit bureaus, and then directly into the hands of actual bad people.

In other words the President should not protect you from China! Is he not trying to protect us by bring the business’s and manufacturing back to the the USA. If the people that are handling Biden had their way we would not be able to manufacture anything in the USA after a few years and also no way to turn it around.


I don’t need “protection” from China, I need my freedoms. If I want to expose myself to an alleged vulnerability, that should be my right and my choice. Isn’t that what our good fight is about? Freedoms?

Same exact problem as HIPPA … Americans given “cover” from “dangers” through an illusion of privacy that really just makes it impossible for doctors to talk to each other without a separate legal document for each of them granting permission.

Why is it I can’t put on my info release waiver “release to anyone who seems reasonable”???

It’s not about you! It’s about National Security! And one more time, it’s not the Chinese people, it’s the ChiCom
Just on Fox, It will be banned on Sunday. :+1:


People speak of China as if it’s a wonderful country with a great past. No one speaks of the 1,000,000 muslin being held in concentration camps. No one holds China accountable for the Coronavirus. No one holds China accountable for the treatment of its people. No holds China accountable for violating their agreement related to Hong Kong and its freedom. Comments posted about any sitting U.S. President in this country is protected. The people of the “Great” country of China would not live to see another day if they spoke out about it’s government. But wait, let’s give China a pass.


at the cost of manufacturing in the USA. It is also like controlling you. We the public do not even look as far ahead as retirement when we are young all we care about is that paycheck each week. Biden’s controllers have a plan that at least as far back as I can remember the 1970’s when they started turning the working stiffs in manufacturing against each other. They called it union busting at the time but that was not what it was about. It was the beginning of their 50 year plan (insert a number) it actually goes back further than that. Now tell me about your freedoms. You worry about it now because it is starting to affect you!


Does that mean I get to take off my face mask? But then you might say, “Wearing your face mask also protects others!” Guess what – banning TikTok protects others.


Sorry @iamteeg… but this is exactly wrong interpretation of “Freedom”.
We are allow to be free, but not to be stupid.
You, me, all of us are the part of this Country… and not EVERYTHING we want means is good for us.
Whenever software or hardware is involved, especially from China… it mostly plays against National Security (as @BRUCE26 mentioned).

Why, do you think Cisco doesn’t make their Security Appliances in China anymore? The same problem - we don’t want Chinese spy on us :point_up:


History of manufacturing in the US: … go!

Who started outsourcing? If I had to guess, it’d be the money hungry republicans and business owners (who happen to also be republicans)…

So if you want to talk about “bringing american jobs back” … don’t ban weird stuff, but impose a 500% tariff on all outgoing money. Wire transfers, payroll, etc. You want to send $100 to your sister because she lost her wallet in London? Sucks, but you gotta pay $500 to the US Government, too. It’d be a pain, but if we could make it cheaper to hire workers in the US than in other countries, …

So, your claims to me, are just republicans making a shoddy attempt at fixing what they messed up years ago.

@iamteeg how about them knowing everything about your life, you do not care? Until they start using it to interfear with your life, let us just say taking your money, home and your freedom. Information is dangerous in how it is used.


Solve the problems here, first. Did you already forget Equifax? Home Depot? … so many REAL vulnerabilities, ALREADY used. Quit meddling in foreign affairs when our own country is a mess in almost every category: socially, politically, and domestic security. THEN you can deal with alleged foreign software “threats” …

No, I do NOT care. Privacy is an ILLUSION, and the BEST defense to your information security is to work under the assumption that everything can and will be hacked, and that you need to minimize or mitigate (word of the year) your risk.

@iamteeg It is your choice to use a condom the cat chewed on.


I could argue with you all ay long, but what is the use! It is not worth my time. I have never said my age so I am 73 and have seen a lot of this coming


Well by the same regard, if you (or if you’re not, other anti-maskers … you know, the people who never had to wear a mask for work ever in their life), can take off your face mask, then I can play with TikTok or whatever the hell I want.