Smith & Wesson Model 17 Masterpiece Revolver | USCCA

It’s time for a break from defensive sidearms and rifles. I enjoy defensive arms, but it seems like a good time to review a classic sporting/recreational handgun for a change — something to shoot and pack just for fun. The Smith & Wesson Model 17 Masterpiece fits this criterion.

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Who is the author of this? All I see is moderator, unless I missed it.

The problem is a question of enough-ness. My frustration is I don’t shoot the 22lrs I have enough and then there is need to shoot all the defensive hardware too. If only I’d tipped to the wheelgun first. Or, better, had kept the ancient one my Father had from his Pop. Oh well, time to get some range time on my Colt Target, Ruger MkIV Hunter / Volquartzen target, and the Walther I thought I’d hate but learned to love, P22. (Then there’s the 22lr rifles too! /sigh)

Beautiful presentation of a wonderful S&W “Masterpiece”.

@Virgil_H citation is Scott W. Wagner, found at the top of the article itself.

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Oops, missed it. Thank you

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I have had one in near mint condition for 30 years. It’s the sweetest trigger of all my pistols, including a 1911 National Match 45. Should have kept the box.