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A number of years ago, my wife and I took a weeklong vacation and stayed in a one-room cottage in Northern Michigan. It was a very nice little place, with a kitchen and dining area. But like all rental cottages, the cookware was … well-worn. The kitchen knives were quite old and probably hadn’t been sharpened in years — as evidenced by the lack of a sharpener in the kitchen. While making dinner, I found out about the sorry state of affairs. I needed an immediate fix for the problem, and if I’d had the Smith & Wesson Compact Knife Sharpener then, I would’ve had one.

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Use the bottom of a ceramic coffee cup, the unfinished ceramic will do well enough on a cheap, dull blade. You can also use the spine of one knife to sharpen another. I would not do this with good knives, only when there is no other option and the knives are cheap and dull. There are other techniques, too, but not ones typically found in rental homes or villas.


My son is in Scouts and I recently bought a sharpener like this for him to have is his bag. It is a great tool and if the S&W is anything like that it would be awesome tool. Considering this one in the article is S&W, it should be better than the one my son has.

Not to take anything away from S&W but have always had a Camillus sharpener handy. When I went to look for a picture I also found a YouTube with an Ad for USCCA in the bargain. S&W or Camillus these are handy tools. Picture is 50% size.

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