Because of Zee I purchased new knifes

@Zee this is all your fault forcing me to look at new knives :blush:

Yesterday night I bought a Fox 479 Carbon Fiber Folding Karambit - Emerson Wave

and I bought a Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Urban Titanium Camo Karambit to take apart to make a karambit trainer.


Hmm. I don’t have a combat knife yet. It’s on the list. These make me think of raptor claws, which of course is a plus. I always worry about being able to get folding knives open in time during an emergency, and I worry about stashing non-folding knives on my body where they aren’t easily visible, but I can get to them.

And yes, I am aware that the appearance of a knife is not a major factor determining if I should obtain a particular knife or not. I have a Batman knife to open things with. I wouldn’t want to fight with it.

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That Smith and Wesson is my edc pocket folder. It’s surprisingly solid.

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Heeheehee :grin: you’re welcome :laughing:
Those are pretty cool looking!
I’ve looked at the karambits but they feel strange to me… what is it you like about them?

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@LordDeinonychus with the Emerson wave on a folding knife it is supposed to just open the knife as you take it out of your pocket. We will see this is my first folder with one.

@Zee I decided to get the karambits because of learning a whole new knife style for me. They wanted why to much for the trainer one though which is why I got the second one for $15 to take apart to make my own trainer. Something about a loin claw and not coming out of your hand just appealed to me.

So I will have them either Friday or Saturday when they get here.


A loin claw. I know it’s just a tiny typo, but it cracked me up! :laughing:

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I never could spell :confused: and typing on my phone does not help any either :confused:

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I was slow to the kerambit party but I’ve learned to embrace them. For the most part I was an auto knife kind of guy and always carried one but they tended to be really expensive. A buddy turned me on to Colonel Blades and I had to admit that I really liked them as a purely defensive knife (I still carry a pocket knife for 99.9999% of what I need a knife for: opening Slim Jims when the plastic won’t peel).

Sadly Colonel Blades appears to be going through some financial issues and their website is down most of the time. Even if it were up I wouldn’t chance buying something until things stabilize, which is a shame since they made a really quality product. I like the fact that their knives also came with a plastic trainer so you can practice stabby time without needing a medic on hand.

I keep mine oriented to use with my weak hand since that’s the one that needs all the help it can get. My strong hand is reserved for my pistol or activities that require, you know, not being weak :muscle:


Am I going to have to set up a Category - all the things Zee got us to buy? :rofl:


My own category? :smiley: always in to help y’all shop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: