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In today’s world, possessing a good survival knife is a must — whether it is kept in your survival stash at home or stored in your bugout bag. A true long-term survival knife is a multi-purpose tool. It is expected to be used for cutting, chopping, hammering and close-range emergency self-defense. It must be a fixed-blade knife. (A folding blade, no matter how good, simply won’t do for primary survival chores.) Unfortunately, not every fixed blade out there can accomplish all of those tasks. But you won’t have to worry about that when it comes to the Smith & Wesson M&P 1122583 Ultimate Survival Knife.

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I will stick with my KA-BAR, if I need a saw I carry a folding one, also if you use it for defensive tool the saw back may get caught on flesh, bone or clothing. Love my KA-BAR, saving lives since 1943. :+1:


I have this knife, lot of knife for the price.

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  1. This seems like advertising.

  2. What are you doing to me, USCCA??? Do you know how hard it is to resist buying another knife, already? I got the Winter Gerber catalog the other day, and I felt like a kid with a Sears Catalog (look it up, kids) just looking at all the pretty things I can’t buy. S&W knows I’m a soft target, already. My house is full of knives I never carry, and I don’t even know what I’m doing when it comes to knives! I can’t keep them razor sharp, and I sure as heck can’t fight with one. The last thing I need is my self-defense organization telling me I need to buy yet one more knife that I don’t know how to use! :see_no_evil: Too late, bow I’m on the S&W website geeking out over all the pretty knives.

  3. Yeah, a survival knife should be full tang. But how many of us are going to be jumping out of a tree like Rambo and slitting a buck’s throat with our KA-BAR? (Maybe some of us, I’ve been reading these posts for awhile, now.) I think most of us are better off with a small or medium folding knife that we can conceal comfortably and deploy quickly when we encounter something dangerous, like plastic packaging.

I bet you complain about everything…

Yeah, actually, I do. I was complaining about you just the other day. Now my wife thinks we’re having an affair.

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I have the K-Bar Becker BK-2 (I think - VERY Thick blade). Also have a USMC knife about 3x as big that makes the BK2 look like a toy.