Sigh alignment tools

Anyone else ever get the feeling that they might break their tool if they force the pusher any more? I hav multiple sight tools and well some sights slide off like a hot knife through butter. And others feel like they are welded on. Any tips of tricks would be fantastic for those stubborn sights.


After ruining my sights on M&P9 few years ago I found out that the best tool for such work is a good gunsmith.
$30 these days is nothing comparing to pain you may feel once you cannot do anything by yourself.


The first time I changed sites I bought a tool that was highly recommended but it had an aluminum frame. I didn’t know until later that I was working on a gun that had that had the reputation of having the hardest sites to change, Kimbers. It worked but the frame warped and became unusable, I can’t remember what brand it was. So I bit the bullet and bought a Wheeler and it works great.



But I feel like the tool might punch a whole straight through my hand.

S&W is terrible. I mean I like Smith and Wesson but their sights are tight as &$%#*@&@ and I don’t get why that needs to be. I have the big, professional gunsmith level of universal sight pusher from MGW (Midwest Gun Works) with various sets of shoes for it that I primarily use. I also have the little Ameriglo I think makes them quickie version that is for one type only for 9/40/357 double stack Glocks

I have not found any tricks other than swearing


The only things I learned using my Wheeler was this. Spray some good penatrating oil on the sight and let it soak for an hour. Also, you can tap the pusher block with a small hammer to help it get moving. The Wheeler directions even state that you can do this.

Also, look up online which direction the sights are intended to be removed. As an example, Sig sights can only be removed to the left (as you look down the barrel from the grip). If you tried to push the sight out to the right it would bend or break the sight blade.

If it just won’t move, take it to a gunsmith. Pride goeth before the fall. Lol


I am a gunsmith. I am just wanting other people’s experience on good tools so I can be more a more effective gunsmith.


That works for me in most situations :smiley:

Edit: I do need to add though, the more swearing that becomes involved the higher the risk of something being broken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Understood ! :metal:

So, as mentioned before, it’s mandatory to know sights removal / installation direction. Each manufacturer might have its own idea however the standard was left to right to remove, right to left to install (muzzle facing away).

I found Sig, Springfield, Glock, SW M&P and Ruger to be oppsite → removing the sights always push from right to the left and install left to right. If you try it any other way, you may break the sight or the pusher. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Because of this… even I can handle 99.99% of firearms’ parts… I don’t touch sights.

My gunsmith is using dozens different aluminium punches, mostly those are single use only… but they don’t give any wear marks. He uses some kind of acid wipes to clean aluminium marks from slide and old sights.

There is a good trick to loosen slot a little and make sights easier to remove. It is hard to explain how to do this (every gun and sights needs different approach), but you need to heat up the slide and sights (torch should work fine) then cool the sights down to create temperature difference. Hotter slide will expand enough to loosen the notch and make the sight pusher work much easier.


Have you had good luck with the Wheeler on Kimber’s then?

Yes it works alot better than the one I had originally