Best way to install and center sights?

Best way to install and center sights?

Looking for some pro tips!

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Pay the gunsmith a couple bucks while I shoot other guns :joy::joy:. (Sorry I couldn’t help myself, you’ll find plenty of help here).


Best - gunsmith. And I believe less expensive for a perfect job. And you want your sights to be perfectly centered.
In my case every set of sights installed → +/- $20.
I don’t even think about doing this by myself - buying tools, spending extra time, eventually cry over scratched firearm or broken sights :grimacing: :expressionless:

But if you decide to have some fun…

  1. good sight pusher ( Wheeler recommended)
  2. Loctite
  3. Laser cartridge or bore sight for verification

I think DIY is great for fixing your brakes or patching drywall, but I don’t think that the precision necessary to do a competent job on a pistol is something I want to muck up (personally). LIke Jerzy says–by the time you invest in the equipment, you could have had a gunsmith do multiple times.

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I went through the process of this my first time today.

There were lots of people and a couple videos that mentioned sanding down the dove tail until the sight goes in half way. After filing for awhile to no avail I decided to push those ameriglo suckers in place before I messed up something.

I centered them by just measuring the sight and the slide. I left a pencil mark in the middle of both of them and lined them up as best as possible. I’ll take the sight pusher with me to the range in case my groups are off.


I use a bore sight after installing new sights.

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So is it a site or moderator :question:

Just learned from ameriglo support that their sights are “crush fit” they do not require fitting, they just need a good pusher.


I’ve got a pusher, but if you don’t, a small mallet (brass/plastic ends) and nylon drift (preferable) or brass punch (tap lightly and check often, may not work) can work on some guns…did someone say Glock lol. This won’t work on an M&P ime. Centering…measure off the side of your slide, split the difference, then go shoot and fine tune if neccessary, then loc-tite 242.
Front sight if threaded, shallow socket (Glock makes one think it’s called “glock front sight tool” for some reason) helps immensely, and don’t forget the loc-tite 242.

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