Sig Sauer's New Carry Gun Features Glowing Sight System Embedded into Its Slide


The ported barrel is interesting, no slide release kills it for me, but always nice to have options.

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They had one in the shop a couple weeks ago when I was in there… it’s different. I think if you were used to it it would be pretty handy but I found the initial try a little disturbing… kinda like when the scope isn’t lined up right and you are fishing around trying to find the view.

Does look darn cool though, and my FFL says it’s pretty good in the dark.

We’ve got one at the range where I work. I’m planning on shooting it this week in my search for a new carry gun.


The sights on my regular P365 are very visible night and day. Sig is going all out on the P365.

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My question is use in dark environments. I thought that sight worked off of ambient light. If someone has used it in low light/dark, would love to know what you think of it.

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Fiber optic sights work that way. Glow sights will usually use tritium which is slightly radio active and gives off a soft glow.

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